Peregrine Falcon call is usually silent except near nest, where most frequent call a loud, harsh, scolding ‘ka-yak, ka-yak, ka-yak

Peregrine Falcon Call

When birders hear the Blue cheeked bee eater call they know summer is in full swing.

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater Call

Bank Myna Sound

Bank Myna Sound

Common Grackle call is a loud, hoarse ‘chuk’ or ‘chak’, particularly in a flock calling.

Common Grackle Call

The song of American Robin is the most melodious melody in the world.

Song of American Robin

Painted bunting song is a rich, varied, high-pitched, musical series of sweet notes (thinner and sweeter than the song of Lazuli Bunting).

Painted Bunting Songs

Red-vented bulbul call consists of a variety of chirps and whistles, highly vocal as most species are described as gravelly or nasal.

Red-vented bulbul Call

Loggerhead Shrikes (Lanius spp.) are known to prey on small vertebrates, most authors consider birds to be a minor portion of their diet.

Loggerhead Shrikes Call

Song Sparrow Call

The bird song is also sung with a stutter or two between each syllable. During or after aggressive interactions, eastern phoebes are more likely to make their call.

Eastern phoebe Song

Painted Honeyeater Call