Everything You Need to Know About Meal Replacements: Life is busy, and thus, we all do our best to fit everything needed and be done quickly in a short amount of time. Because of that, there are a lot of sacrifices to be made. For instance, you always do overtime and have little time to eat and sleep. You wake up again almost late and have no time for breakfast, so you just dress up and go.
In that scenario alone, you sacrificed your dinner and breakfast, and we don’t need to tell you that skipping meals is bad for your health. Sure, once does no harm, but it will soon take a toll on your health. If you’re one of those people who regularly skip meals and are looking to stop, you’re in luck. Enter meal replacements. They’re easy and quick, and you can even consume them on the go.
As the name suggests, Meal replacements are supplements that are a viable alternative to a balanced meal. They have the same amount of nutrients as a full, balanced meal but only need a quarter of the time to prepare them. Sounds good, right? Yes, but are they safe? Are they healthy? Let’s delve deeper, shall we?

What is a meal replacement?

A meal replacement is a supplement designed to replace either your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They come in different forms, but the most common are shakes. The best replacement shakes for weight loss are often filled with nutrients and have fewer calories inside them, making them a viable option if you want to lose weight but don’t want to skip out on valuable nutrients. If you want to feel fuller, you can also opt for a meal replacement shake high in protein.
On average, both men and women consume several thousand calories per day. This can come from different sources like fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, etc. That said, meal replacement shakes can have the same nutrients as all of these foods combined but only have half of the calories and are still also high in protein.
Hence, if you’re looking to increase your muscle mass, consume a balanced diet, and also not gain too much weight, then meal replacement shakes can be a good option. With the accurate Total Daily Energy Expenditure Tdee calculator, whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or maintain your current body composition is so much easier than ever before!
Everything You Need to Know About Meal Replacements
Everything You Need to Know About Meal Replacements. Photo by Marina Leonova from pexel.com

What’s inside meal replacements?

A balanced diet has controlled amounts of carbs, protein, calories, and fats. Of course, as mentioned earlier, meal replacements have the same amount of nutrients. However, different brands tend to have their numbers in terms of nutrients and vitamins. That’s fine, but remember that you should always pick one that sticks to your health goals. And what about those fats?
Well, the fats in meal replacements are good types of fats. This means that saturated fats are more limited and most of the fats found in meal replacements are unsaturated fats. This type of fat usually comes from nuts and seeds, which is a healthier option than the fats usually found in fried foods. Of course, there are still trans fats found in meal replacements, but their numbers are low enough to be rounded down to zero.

A healthier alternative on-the-go

Meal replacements are all about saving time while not sacrificing your health. They have the same amount of vitamins and nutrients as a full, balanced meal, but they are actually aimed to replace your unhealthy snacks. Sure, they can also be an alternative to meals, but if you’re already eating healthy, then maybe you can change your unhealthy snacks with meal-replacement shakes.
Because meal replacements are quick and easy to prepare, they can easily be a part of your routine. So instead of having coffee in the morning or junk food during your free time, you can instead replace them with meal replacement shakes. Replacing your unhealthy foods will let you intake more vitamins, fiber, protein, minerals, etc.
At the same time, doing so can reduce the amount of sugar, unhealthy fats, and calories you eat every day in total. It’s a win-win because not only are you limiting the unhealthy stuff you’re consuming daily, you become healthier because you’re replacing them with vitamins and nutrients.

So, are meal replacements good for you?

Yes. Meal replacements are a good alternative for full meals when you don’t have the time to prepare meals during the day. Or, if you already have good eating habits but are still consuming unhealthy foods regularly, then replacing those foods with meal replacements can be a good decision. However, although they are a good alternative to meals, having a balanced meal made with real food is still the best option.

Final Words

Although meal replacements are designed to replace meals, they should only be consumed when you don’t have the time to prepare meals. Nothing beats eating real whole foods. So if you’re still skipping meals, do consider taking meal replacements.


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