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Clivia miniata – A Prettier Indoor Plant

Clivia miniata, also called Kaffir lily” grows from a thickly rooted bulb. It is a species of flowering plant in the genus Clivia of the family Amaryllidaceae, native to woodland habitats. It looks something like the more familiar amaryllis, to which it is related, but I think it is prettier, and its clusters of orange, red, or gold flowers are more subtle than the huge amaryllis flowers. Flowers can appear any time from December to April; however, they mostly appear in March.
The flowers rise on 18-inch stalks from the tidy, dark green, strap-like leaves, opening over a period of several weeks. Most plants get about 2 feet tall, but more compact varieties exist. Moreover, Clivia’s are very easy to grow plants once you understand them. They will take morning or late afternoon sun, but too much midday sun will scorch the leaves. Hence, bright indirect light is best.
Give them average room temperature and humidity by day, but cool temperatures at night if possible. During the dormant period before bloom, a temperature of 50 to 55°C day and night will help induce bloom. Clivia’s like an organic soil like that used for African violets and needs to be pot-bound in order to flower. Clivia miniata don’t appreciate root disturbances; however, repotting can be done every three to five years in spring once the flowers have faded.
Repot only when the roots are crawling out of the top of the pot. A heavy pot is often necessary to keep them from tipping over. In the spring and summer seasons, you need to keep the plants evenly moist, fertilizing every two weeks. A summer outdoors in the filtered sun will do your Clivia miniata well. Also, bring them in before frost and stop feeding them. Starting around Thanksgiving, give them a little water, and if possible, keep them in a cool room that gets no light in the evening.
When a flower stalk emerges, bring the plant into a warm, light place and start feeding and watering it again. Moreover, plants may be propagated by removing and replanting side bulbs in spring, when new growth starts.
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Clivia Miniata: A Prettier Indoor Plant
Clivia Miniata: A Prettier Indoor Plant