Chokundi Cemetery

Chokundi Cemetery – Masterpiece of Architecture and Sculpture

Here are some things you may not know about Chokundi Cemetery, named after the 600-year-old city of Khumshan, has a rich history buried in...
Squinting in the Saudi desert, unprecedented archaeological discovery of camels carved on russet-hued rocky spurs that could shed new light on the evolution of rock art.

Mysterious Ancient Camel Sculptures in Saudi desert

Mysterious Ancient Camel Sculptures in Saudi desert. Squinting in the Saudi desert, an unprecedented archaeological discovery of camels carved on russet-hued rocky spurs could...

Unique Underwater Museum of Cape Tarkhankut

More than 100 meters off the coast at Cape Tarhankut, the westernmost part of Crimea. At a depth of 10 to 12 meters is...

Gonur Tepe – The Buried Fortress Town of Turkmenistan

During the first half of the 2nd millennium BC, a civilization was established in the ancient delta of the Murghab River, on the southeastern...
There are two folk legends surrounding the origins of the rock formations that compose Gatbawi.

Gatbawi – A Natural Sandstone and Tafoni Formation

In South Korea, Gatbawi is a natural sandstone and Tafoni formation found near the mouth of the Yeongsan River. Gatbawi means “hat rock” because it...
World’s Most Dangerous Stairways to Heaven

World’s Most Dangerous Stairways to Heaven

Chinese tourist officials in Linzhou, Henan province, hope the stairs will give visitors an actual experience of the mountain range. They wanted to boost...
The Bhodesar Temple is at the base of the Karoonjhar Mountains.

Bhodesar – The Ancient City of Nagarparker

Bhadrishar Nagri, is now called Bhodesar is located at the foot of the Karunjhar Hills, two miles northwest of the city of Nagarparkar. The...

Aokigahara Forest – A Perfect Place to Die

Aokigahara Forest is easily called the Perfect Place to Die. The Aokigahara forest has the ill-fated distinction as the world's second most popular place...
On a Sunny day sparkle like lighted candles, the Glass Beach of Ussuri Bay is not the only perfect example of nature correcting man’s mistake.

The Spectacular Glass Beach of Ussuri Bay

There is a 30 mins drive away from the city of Vladivostok, Russia lies a spectacular bay surrounded by remarkable cliffs. Though it has...
The newly completed Museum Hotel Antakya.All photographs are courtesy of Museum Hotel Antakya

Turkish Hotel Antakya Built Above 2,300-Year-Old Ancient Ruins

An astonishing new extravagance Turkish Hotel Antakya opened in 2020. Amazingly it is at once an engineering wonder, an architectural attractiveness, and a world-class...
Al Ain’s various mud-brick forts, Jahili Fort, built in 1898, is easily the most impressive, with a fine battlemented main tower and a spacious central courtyard.

TOP 10 Destinations to See in Al Ain

TOP 10 Destinations to See in Al Ain It is a complete change of pace and scenery to visit the dignified desert city of Al...
Bohol’s most eminent natural attraction is Chocolate Hills which is covered with small grass & conical shaped hills scattered of over 50 SKM

The Fascinating Chocolate Hills of Bohol Philippines

Bohol is the focal island of Bohol Province and the 10th largest island of the Philippine archipelago. You’ll observe that Bohol is a tropical...
The Island sand is mainly used in cosmetics, paints, ceramic tiles, and decoration of houses and commercial buildings.

The Mesmerizing Colors of Hormuz Island

Four seasons are a great blessing of God, and Iran is one of the lucky countries to have all seasons. The colors of Hormuz...

Shenzhen Opens Flashy New Airport Terminal

Shenzhen Opens Flashy New Airport Terminal. It's been hailed as an architectural masterstroke and symbol of China's explosion onto the world stage of global...

Leptis Magna – The Roman Ruins of Libya

All throughout Europe, there are a lot of attractive ancient Roman ruins, although they are equally magnificent and lesser-known ruins on other continents too....
The Chinese Guoliang Tunnel is amazingly carved along the side of and through a mountain in China.

Guoliang Tunnel – Most Dangerous Tunnel in the World

The Chinese Guoliang Tunnel is amazingly carved along the side of and through a mountain in China. This majestically beautiful tunnel connects the village...

Bibi Jawindi – Most Ornate Monuments at Uch-Sharif

The Tomb of Bibi Jawindi is one of the five monuments in Uch Sharif, in the Bahawalpur state and Punjab province of Pakistan. Uch...

The Mysterious 400 Stone Structure of Saudi Arabia

The mysterious ancient gates 400 Stone Structure found on the edge of volcanoes is spotted on Google Earth, but archaeologists are unsure, why they...

Luoping Magnificent Spring Seasons Yellow Flowers

Luoping is a little countryside in eastern Yunnan situated about 228 KM northeast of Kunming China. In the spring, Luoping turns into an ocean...
The name Ansoo means teardrop, comes from its tear like shape, just like resembles to human eye with a central ice island resembling the iris and a ridge resembling an eyebrow.

Ansoo Lake – Shape Resembles to Teardrop of Human Eye

Pakistan is one of those countries, who are naturally gifted, with several mountain ranges, plateaus, deserts, glaciers, rivers, lakes, and various coastal areas. Ansoo...
It is best known for being the site of Shirakawago showcasing a building style known as gasshō-zukuri.

Shirakawago – Japan’s Traditional Mountain Village

Shirakawa is a small traditional mountain village located in Ōno District, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. It is best known for being the site of Shirakawago...
The North China Plain is also called Middle plain, a large-scale down faulted rift basin formed in late Paleogene and Neogene. It was then modified by the deposits of the Yellow River and is the largest alluvial plain of China.

North China Plain – The Heartland of Modern China

The North China Plain is also called the Middle plain, a large-scale down-faulted rift basin formed in the late Paleogene and Neogene. It was...

Kumbhalgarh Fort – The Great Wall of India

The wall that surrounds the ancient fort of Kumbhalgarh Fort is one of the best-kept secrets in India, located 84 kilometers north of Udaipur,...
Mysterious Chinese Cliff Lays Egg Shaped Stones

Mysterious Chinese Cliff That Lays Egg Shaped Stones

In the South Western of the Chinese Autonomous Region of Guizhou province. There is a cliff named “Chan D Ya”, a mysterious Chinese Cliff...
This is magical heaven for any nature lover, who can go there and engage themselves in different activities,

The Magical Dubai Love Lake

In the middle of the huge Al Salam the desert region of Dubai, you may relish your time romantically at Dubai Love Lake. The...