Radiant Winter Mornings – Photographers always think about capturing something different to show their creative work. So, imagining the winter often conjures up pictures of cold, dark days punctuated by grey skies overcasting icy landscapes. Though, these dreary thoughts don’t have to be the main emphasis of the season.
Therefore, the skillful photographer “Alex Ugalnikov” shines a light on just how good-looking these months can be. Hence, with his collection of spectacular photographs that showcase the attractive Belarusian landscape awash in soft pinks and blue, he captures the majestic beauty of a winter’s morning.
He’s not a professional photographer, but he did photography as a hobby from Minsk, Belarus, Ugalnikov transports his spectators to an untouched landscape at the crack of dawn. Therefore, as mist rises, and warm golden light rays break through the trees, his brilliant photography radiates a sense of serenity, each mild shot a form of visual poetry.
However, his collection has an almost unearthly sense to it, as he joins the raw beauty of nature with faultless lighting to generate pictures that are instantaneously striking and delightful, recapping to us that there is still beauty even in the dark days.
Source: My Modernmet
Radiant Winter Mornings
Radiant Winter Mornings
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