The couple Quit Their Jobs, to build a Tiny House to Travel around North America. It is somewhere two years ago, when my partner, Guillaume, and I were both burdened by high rent, a multitude of belongings, college debt, and careers that let us maintain that lifestyle. At the start, I believed I’d never be able to pursue my passion for writing and Guillaume felt the same way about his photography. One day, we picked up a novel idea of we came across tiny houses.
These beautifully artistically designed tiny dwellings stimulated us to spend our lives and pursue our dreams. We came up with a unique plan to build a tiny home, and then travel around North America for one year. We’d really like to create a travel journalism portfolio about alternative lifestyles. He’d photograph. I’d write.
We originated our tiny house build with zero construction experience and it is all about of experience we’ve gotten through. We’ve adopted the policy of we’ll learn as we go” attitude and we didn’t realize that we weren’t just building a home; we were also stimulating ourselves to reconsider the idea of “home” altogether. After dozens of errors, hard life lessons, and a brutal downsize, we hit the road with our one-of-a-kind tiny house on wheels!
Therefore after a painstaking six months and 10,000 miles later, our tiny abode has taken us on a real wilderness adventure. You know, along the way, we’ve met many like-minded people who build and reside in insignificant structures such as tiny homes, tree houses, yurts, homemade houseboats, etc. Guillaume photos and these alternative lifestyle pioneers in their innovative dwellings, while I write down their stories.
Couple Quit Their Jobs, To Build a Tiny House to Travel around North America
Couple Quit Their Jobs, To Build a Tiny House to Travel around North America
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