Sometimes, flowers are all you need. That’s what the song says, at least. But if it’s your wedding day, flowers might be exactly what you want — and exactly what you don’t know what to do with once they’ve been used during the ceremony.
It’s a shame to let all that work go to waste — but there are plenty of ways on what to do with wedding flowers after the ceremony is over! Read on for some brilliant ideas.
There are several ways you can preserve your flowers. Check out this guide for some ideas on what to do with wedding flowers.
There are several ways you can preserve your flowers. Check out this guide for some ideas on what to do with wedding flowers.

Donate Them

After the excitement and festivities of a wedding day, many couples are left with an abundance of beautiful flowers that were used for the ceremony. Instead of letting them go to waste, a thoughtful and meaningful option is to donate them.
Donating wedding flowers prevents them from being discarded. It also spreads joy and love to others in need. Hospitals, nursing homes, and charities all greatly appreciate and benefit from donated flowers. You may hire a flower delivery in Allentown PA to help you send them to these locations.
It is a small gesture that can make a big difference in someone’s day. So next time you find yourself with leftover wedding flowers, consider donating them and spreading the love even further.

Repurpose Them for Your Home

Instead of simply throwing them away or letting them wilt, consider repurposing them for your home. With a bit of creativity and planning, you can use these wedding flowers to enhance your living space. Doing this helps you to relive the memories of your special day.
From creating stunning centerpieces to drying them out and using them in artwork, there are endless possibilities for incorporating these flowers into your home decor.
Not only will it add a personal touch to your space, but it will also serve as a beautiful reminder of the love and happiness shared on your wedding day.

Have a Bouquet Station at Your Wedding

Having a bouquet station at your wedding is not only a thoughtful touch for your guests, but it is also a practical solution for what to do with your wedding flowers after the ceremony.
Instead of letting your beautiful bouquets go to waste, setting up a bouquet station allows your guests to take home a piece of your special day. Whether they want to keep it as a memento or give it to a loved one, your bouquets will be appreciated by someone.
This also eliminates the hassle of arranging for the flowers to be preserved or thrown away at the end of the night. A bouquet station is a lovely way to share the love and beauty of your wedding day with your guests, and it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice as well.

Dry Your Flowers

Once the music has stopped, the cake has been cut and the vows have been exchanged, the wedding flowers often get overlooked. However, preserving these beautiful blooms can be a special way to cherish the memories of your special day.
One way to do this is by drying your flowers. This process of flower preservation involves gently hanging your flowers upside down in a cool, dry, and dark place for several weeks. Also, you can apply this method to all types of flowers.
Once they are completely dry, you can use them to create a shadow box display, make potpourri, or even use them as decorations for your home. This simple yet sentimental task is a lovely way to give your wedding flowers a second life and hold onto the magic of your big day.

Have Your Flowers Photographed

After your wedding ceremony, you may be wondering what to do with all those beautiful flowers you carefully selected for your special day. One great option is to have them photographed.
This not only preserves the memory of your flowers but also allows you to showcase their beauty in a unique way. You can have them photographed in various settings, such as:
  • with your wedding dress
  • against a scenic backdrop
Professional photographers have a keen eye for capturing the intricate details of flowers and will help you create stunning images that you will cherish for years to come. Don’t let your wedding flowers go to waste; have them photographed and cherish their beauty forever.

Make Your Own Candles

Instead of letting them wilt and wither away, why not give them new life by making your own candles? This unique and sentimental way of repurposing your wedding flowers. Not only preserves their beauty but also allows you to relive the memories of your ceremony every time you light the candle.
By carefully pressing and drying the flowers and then incorporating them into the wax, you can create a personalized and meaningful centerpiece or gift for loved ones. This is a perfect way to extend the joy and happiness of your wedding day for years to come.

Press Your Flowers in Glass

After your wedding ceremony, you may find yourself with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that hold sentimental value. Instead of letting them wilt and go to waste, why not preserve them and turn them into a lasting keepsake?
One option is to press your wedding flowers in glass. This involves placing the flowers between two sheets of glass and then sealing them together to create a unique and personalized piece of art.
This process will not only allow you to display your wedding flowers in a beautiful and unique way, but it will also serve as a reminder of your special day for years to come.

So, What to Do With Wedding Flowers After Your Wedding?

In conclusion, there are so many creative and thoughtful ways to repurpose your wedding flowers after the ceremony. Whether you choose to donate, preserve, or make DIY projects, don’t let your beautiful blooms go to waste.
Consider using these ideas and keep the memories of your special day blooming forever. Share your favorite ideas with us and keep the inspiration going!
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