Chimera is a cute cat Venus and a cuddly feline living in North Carolina have attractively remarkable features about her. The Chimera cat’s face is half-black and half-tabby colored. She has two different colors of eyes. Venus’ rare markings have made her a widespread animal on the Internet, and a Facebook page and Instagram account portray her sweet and affectionate personality. 
She also seems to receive a lot of fan art, too! It’s not just people on social media that’s taking notice of the feline brands have, too. The toy company GUND formed a plush version of Venus so people around the world can now snuggle up to her likeness.
Indeed Chimera is a very cute and elegant cat. Everyone is liking her because of their different colors. Chimera looks like she would say “look at me” I am asking you so cute and can I have got a little more of this tasty cat milk, please.
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Source: My Modernmet

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