This gorgeous home is located in Nahr el Mot, Lebanon sits the stunning seaside home, which is known as “Amchit Residence”. The home is beautifully designed by “Blankpage Architects” and is perched on the edge of a cliff with a boardwalk-like rooftop deck and a lap pool for unhindered ocean views.

Well, the property is smooth and up-to-date with a warm-yet-minimalist feeling interior that put emphasis on concrete and wood. It was attractively conceived by the architects as a series of decks that maximize the home’s relationship to the sea; they designed it outwards and towards the water rather than away from it.

An upper platform contains the master bedroom constructed in walls of glass, while the middle deck features two additional bedrooms and a family living area. The lower portion serves as a reception space with an infinity pool and a staircase that takes you to the shore. Amchit Residence is at sea level and oriented nearly due west, so the sunset is a remarkable time of day.

The ample airy, feel invites rays of sunshine and drenches the spaces in a deep reddish-orange glow. Couple this with the citrus, olive, and palm trees that are spread throughout the property, and you have a slice of heaven.

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