Enhance Your Home with Freestyle Tubs – Do you wonder why many homeowners are taking bold steps to renovate their homes? Specifically, most people’s focus is on the bathrooms and kitchens. They’re doing this to add value to their homes and enjoy spectacular moments in the most calming aura. 
Indeed, the reality is that; adding modern accessories in your living spaces, such as high-quality bathtub designs, adds immense value to your home. We note the same having the statistic in mind that kitchens and bathrooms are the go-to home areas. They are the major rooms that form the center of focus during home renovation and the key home selling points. Moreover, cash home buyer purchase properties directly from homeowners for cash, without requiring mortgages or financing from banks. A typical buyer of a home for investment purposes or for quick resale is an investor or a company that specializes in investing in real estate.
This is true when you install high-quality bathtubs, such as modern freestanding tubs, with magnificent, eye-catching bathtub fixtures. Today, anyone has the liberty to enhance their homes with freestyle tubs.
There are different freestanding bathtub designs with high-end finishes and quality materials to increase the beauty around your home. It doesn’t matter whether your home space is limited. You can still have a high-quality freestanding bathtub installed in your small bathroom.
These bathtub designs are standalone tubs that you can install anywhere within your bathroom spaces. Most importantly, they’re cost-effective and favor anyone, whether you want a vintage or modern bathtub style. In the long run, what matters most is attaining the breathtaking ambiance and beauty around your home.
And, if you always imagined that the only way to have an elegant bathroom is a whole expensive revamp, you’re wrong. With the freestanding types of bathtubs, you can enjoy simple but brilliant ideas to improve your home’s outlook with bathtub designs that look even more attractive.
Our article below focuses on enhancing your home with freestyle tubs. Let’s delve in.
Enhance Your Home with Freestyle Tubs - Do you wonder why many homeowners are taking bold steps to renovate their homes? Specifically, most people’s focus is on the bathrooms and kitchens.
Enhance Your Home with Freestyle Tubs – Do you wonder why many homeowners are taking bold steps to renovate their homes? Specifically, most people’s focus is on the bathrooms and kitchens. Source: Pixabay

Install a Modern Freestanding Bathtub with Glass Shower Enclosure

If you love bathtubs with showers, you can install one and enjoy every moment of comfort. And there’s more; you can also improve the look of your home by incorporating glass shower enclosures. The enclosure adds beauty and brightness to the bathroom area. Aside from the glasses’ stunning look, it also allows light to illuminate through. 
Besides, the glass shower enclosure, with or without frames, makes your bathroom feel spacious. Depending on your bathtub design, you can choose a shower enclosure that’s either: 
  • Clear
  • Frosted
  • Textured
Whatever you choose forms part of your bathroom’s decor, which adds value to your overall home. Thankfully, most of these bathtubs come in trendy finishes, instantly giving your bath spaces a modern look.  
When installing bathtubs, homeowners are lucky now that installing a standalone bathtub is easy. With a simplified guide to bathtub installation in your bathroom, you’re good to go. You only need to get the freestanding tub to your bathroom. Afterward, you can easily hack through the installation process by following the guide without paying any plumber a coin. 
Later, you get to enjoy a breathtaking bath space with a bathtub. Hence, you manage to transform your home into a retreat and a haven of peace. Think about every evening when you retire from work and enjoy the exciting feeling of returning home to soak in hot water. 
You do this while admiring the beauty all around the bathroom. Indeed, it’s a remarkable way to destress from your day’s activities. That’s why it helps to discover how to relieve stress with bathtub meditation.
So, to install a freestanding tub in your bathroom, you only need a few necessary tools and materials. And before you start the DIY bathtub installation process, you must ensure that all these materials are available. 
Your freestanding bathtub provider will offer the needed installation materials. But you must ensure that all the items are correct and that everything is present before installing.

Installing a Freestanding Bathtub- DIY Steps

The installation tools and materials you need to help you install the freestanding tub almost effortlessly without any hitches include:
  • The freestanding bathtub
  • Cleaning materials such as plastic sheets and rags to safeguard and clean the floor before and after the process.
  • A Level device to help in determining your bathroom’s floor level
  • A 4×4 lumbar support that helps in supporting the whole tub system during bathtub installation.
  • A drop-in drain tool that comes in handy if there’s no drainage or passageway in your bathroom.
  • Caulk helps in preventing leakage and ensuring that every joint sits together.
  • Plumber putty to help in sealing every joint and prevent water from leaking. Works the same as caulk.
  • Silicone to enable the fixing of the bathtub to your bathroom floor once done with the installation. 
  • Pipe pieces, such as the plumbing pipes, and seal washers, are necessary. 
  • Protective blanket to safeguard the tub’s sides whenever you tilt it for the installation process.

Add a Decorative Surround Above Your Bathtub Enclosure

You can add a fresh look and feel to your bathroom by considering a decorative surround above your bathtub wall areas. You can do this by highlighting the walls or shower enclosure. 
You’ll want to highlight the walls if it consists of a customized or decorative tile. And you can highlight the bathtub enclosure to avoid having a plain shower surround.
How do you go about enhancing the walls and decorative surround?
  • Tile Up Your Bathroom Walls

Include several rows of decorative tiles above the surround. Ensure it extends to the ceiling. You can have the tile match the bathtub and surround to blend in. That way, the entire unit also appears larger.
Besides, you can add the tile as a decorative border coordinating with your bathroom’s decor. Ensure you select water-resistant tiles like ceramic or stone. Stay away from clay tiles that tend to absorb moisture. Also, remember to seal the grout for easier cleaning and to avoid damage caused by moisture and humidity.
  • Incorporate Waterproof Art

Any form of artwork that can’t get damaged by humidity is perfect. Just hang the art above the bathtub and shower surround to form an inviting ambiance. For instance, you can have some hand-painted art designs hung individually. You achieve this by fixing picture hangers to the back using epoxy-based glue. 
You can also use small plate hangers. To prevent rust, try spraying the metal wall sculptures using clear polyurethane. Vinyl wall art decors containing your best quotes are also perfect! Ensure you do the same in different areas around your home spaces. You’ll marvel at the eye-catching aura all around.
More so, using the mural themes is an easy and stunning way to transform the aura of your bath spaces. If you suspect that water or steam can damage the murals, try having them laminated. With the lamination, you won’t have any reason to worry. You can comfortably place the mural theme on the wall adjacent to your freestanding tub with a shower. 
  • Have Bright Paint Touches

Having bright paint all around your home is a spectacular way to transform the whole look. How about you paint your bathroom wall using a similar color to the bathtub surround?
Blending the two together makes the bathtub and shower enclosure appear stunning and larger. Besides, you can also highlight the tub using a complementary color. 
So, select a light paint color if you have installed an elegant dark stone tile in the shower surround. Ensure it matches the stone’s veining to make the accent tile surrounding the bathtub stand out. 
Use your favorite paint also to form patterns above the shower surround. Such include heart shapes, diamonds, and stripes. You can incorporate the same pattern into the other rooms for a new look in your home.
  • Add Simple Shelves

Mount water-resistant shelves or narrow ceramics just above the bathtub surround. Also, fill the shelves using decorations that complement your bathroom and the entire home. Try including items that can add visual interest around the shelves. Such include the following:
  • Decorated or vintage jars and bottles
  • Small attractive tropical plants
  • Sealed metal sculptures
  • Stone carvings
Ensure you fasten the items with artist putty or detachable, double-sided tape. Doing this helps prevent the items from accidentally being knocked down into the shower.

Consider Good Lighting 

Do you know that you can use lighting to enhance your home with a bathtub? Consider perfect lighting for your bath spaces. Since there are different lighting options, you’ll most likely find one that goes well with the painting on your bathroom accessories, including the bathtub.
Lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing stunning beauty around your home. But it’s not just any other lighting. The level of beauty will vary depending on the type of lighting selected. For instance, a colorful chandelier is a remarkable selection. You can also have other lighting types installed next to your bathtub, for example, the sconces for candles. 
Besides, remember to include dimmers for your light switches. They act to enhance a calming ambiance within your bathroom or any other room in your house. With such light additions, you get to improve the aura in your home almost instantly.
And if you plan to sell your home in the future, such additions can boost its total value. Such elements of beauty in a home tend to entice buyers. And they might even end up paying more for your well-furnished house.  

Key Takeaways

When it comes to enhancing your home, your bathroom is one of the highly prioritized areas you may want to consider. For most homeowners, this forms one of the most significant home spaces in the household. Maintaining the important space offers you the comfort you need. And it also adds value to your house. 
Today, the magnificent freestanding bathtub designs that are easy to install have made it easier to incorporate tubs in different homes. Additionally, homeowners get inspired to include other attractive features like the decorative bathtub and shower surround.
Enhancing your home with freestyle tubs may involve adding some fresh paint or other decors that match the bathtub and give your home a refreshing look and feel. 
Remember that you can do simple things to make your bathroom and entire house look new and stylish. We’ve noted that you don’t even have to go for a full-blown renovation to decorate your home. 
So, feel free to apply the hints discussed in our article. Ensure you maintain a brilliant look in your home by adding decorative that align with the freestyle tub.
Install a Modern Freestanding Bathtub with Glass Shower Enclosure
Install a Modern Freestanding Bathtub with Glass Shower Enclosure. Source: Pexels


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