The Stone Circles of Senegambia include 1053 stone circles and 28,931 monoliths. There’re four circles groups have been selected for world heritage listing, two locations in Gambia and two in Senegal.
The location can be found in Kerbatch Central River Division (the Gambia, Wassu Central River Division (Gambia), Sine Ngayène Kaolack (Senegal), and Wanar Kaolack (Senegal). So, these four locations comprise 93 stone circles and various tumuli and burial mounds. Although, age and origins remain a mystery, however, recent findings suggest somewhere between the 3rd century BC and 16th century AD.
Therefore, the stone circles of Senegal and the Gambia are the most inspiring remains that have mystified travelers for many centuries. Although there’re several stone circles found throughout Europe and the Near East, however, there is so large a concentration as found on the north bank of the river Gambia. Though, it is quite puzzling, of a large group of similar monuments is so well established and shows dynamic culture.
The Saloumn and Gambia River area is containing several curious features of unique V or Lyre stones. Although, the commonest shape is round like a pillar with a flat top, and some are taper upwards and have a few cup-shaped hollows on top.
The Stone Circles are composed of standing positions between 10 and 24 in any particular circle. The most impressive feature is that almost entire stones forming are the same height and size. However, their height is varying between 245cm and 60cm and their diameter is 30c to 100cm. The N’Jai Kunda (largest stone) weight is more than 10 tons.
These stones were brought down a steep hillside and transportation on rollers on hammocks must have presented formidable difficulties and a labor force. The stones were cut out of laterite that occurs in ample outcrops in this part of the world and its hardening exposure to air relatively easy to quarry.
Moreover, Islamic historians and wise explorers have presented several opinions, regarding the Senegambia Stone Circles. A famous Islamic scholar Kuntaur Fulla Kunda says if a small stone stands near a large one, that present that someone was buried with his/her child. However, if stones are in V-Shape that means, two close relatives died on the same day and were buried together.
Hence, these days, small stones and vegetables are still left on the stones and are said to shine bright at night. The famous Wassue Sone Circles is widely popular among tourists and hundreds of visitors come here to see the mystery of standing stones. The Stone Circles offer a sight of success and cultural heritage.
Stone Circles
Stone Circles
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Stone circle in Kerr Batch/The Gambia
Stone circle in Kerr Batch/The Gambia
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