A hot Volcanic Lightning explodes into life as it sprays burning hot ash high into the air – followed by a deafening shockwave. This video is shot by filmmaker Marc Szeglat, 47, who says, this is incredible footage showing the highly active “Sakurajima” volcano on the Japanese island of Kyushu.
The German videographer was able to capture the rare phenomenon of Volcanic Lightning as well as an explosive shockwave that rippled through the sky. Well do you know the meaning of “Sakurajima”, so it is translated as Cherry Island, has been continuously erupting since 1955, and is a persistent threat to the nearby city of Kagoshima, which has a more than 600,000 population. You can also see an active stratovolcano inside Virunga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Rare Footage Of Volcanic Lightning by BarcroftTV


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