Best Safari Honeymoon Destinations 

A honeymoon is a period of romantic moments when the couple discovers each other and gets closer as they spend quality time together. Every couple would want their honeymoon trip to be unique and a lifetime memory. Why not plan Safari honeymoons with Far & Wild Travel to make your trip truly memorable and special?
A perfect honeymoon is all about romantic views and a cozy atmosphere in a secluded location, which allows the newlyweds to spend some quality time together. When that honeymoon becomes a safari honeymoon at an exotic wildlife location, it becomes an experience and a trip of a lifetime.
A couple on a honeymoon in the wild must look for cozy comfort amidst nature and ensure that they get ample romantic experiences in the wild. Today, many tour operators offer specially curated wildlife safaris at the top magical places for couples to make a lasting impact; they know how to keep you indulged on a honeymoon and offer you the best of nature and game viewing during the safari honeymoon.
Here are some handpicked locations for a perfect safari honeymoon idea for couples.

Incredible wildlife in Tanzania 

Tanzania is just perfect for couples who love nature and wildlife. The stunningly beautiful landscapes of the country and the Serengeti, a world-famous national park, are enough to create the most sensational wildlife vacation. Heavenly beaches and great game viewing await honeymooners in Tanzania. Enjoy fabulous views and candlelit dinners in luxurious tents, and get services from a personal attendant.
  • Highlight: Spot the Big Five, Great Migration in the Serengeti, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    Best Safari Honeymoon Destinations For 2022 - The stunningly beautiful landscapes of the country and the Serengeti, a world-famous national park, are enough to create the most sensational wildlife vacation.
    Best Safari Honeymoon Destinations: The stunningly beautiful landscapes of the country and the Serengeti, a world-famous national park, are enough to create the most sensational wildlife vacation.

 Remote wilderness in British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia, Canada, offers a unique eco-safari experience for couples in great style. Honeymooners can plan a scenic floatplane ride and fly over dramatic mountain peaks and glaciers. Lodging is ultra-luxurious, with a safari style that takes the whole experience to a whole new level. Couples can choose from an extensive list of outdoor activities, such as horseback riding, kayaking, and hiking.
  • Highlight: Spot bears, whales, and eagles

 The enticing wildlife experience in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is just perfect for couples on a budget who are looking forward to achieving privacy and exclusivity. They will love the national parks in Zimbabwe, which happen to be among the finest. The wildlife safari here offers one the chance to spot leopards, lions, elephants, buffalo, and cheetahs, as well as a diverse range of adventurous activities for the honeymooning couple. Get ready for a thrilling game-viewing experience at some of the safari hotspots.
  • Highlights: Spot big game in Hwange National Park and adventurous activities such as whitewater rafting and bungee jumping.

    Best Safari Honeymoon Destinations For 2022 - African bush elephants in a waterhole of the park
    Best Safari Honeymoon Destinations for 2022: African bush elephants in a waterhole in the park Photo credit: Wikipedia

The delightful wildlife experience in Madhya Pradesh, India

Madhya Pradesh boasts the world-famous Kanha National Park, which is spread across the Hills of the Satpuras. The wildlife sanctuary houses some spectacular lodges in the remote parts of the state that promise private, palatial villas with candlelit gourmet dinners and other amenities such as a swimming pool, spas, and lots more. Enjoy gourmet dinners along with an amazing wildlife experience at the Kanha Tiger Reserve. During the safari, keep an eye out for the less commonly seen species.
  • Highlights: Spot Bengal tigers and other species; Kanha Museum, Shravan Tal; and Sindoor Trees.

    Best Safari Honeymoon Destinations For 2022 - Tiger in Kanha Tiger Reserve
    The Best Safari Honeymoon Destinations: Tiger in Kanha Tiger Reserve. Photo Credit – Wikipedia

A quintessential safari experience in Kenya

A honeymoon safari in Kenya is a must for all couples who show love for nature and wildlife. Very few destinations are known to offer a memorable experience every time you visit, and Kenya is one of them. Look forward to some perfect wildlife sightings in the wild plains of Masai Mara and Amboseli National Park and later spend some cozy times by campfire. This is a perfect destination for a bush and beach honeymoon, and couples can look forward to a once-in-a-lifetime experience of African wildlife and the natural environment.
  • Highlight: Spot black and white rhino and Kenya’s Big Five, Great Migration in the Masai Mara, Mount Kenya

Endless nature and wilderness in South Africa

South Africa is among the favorites for honeymooners, as the destination offers the chance to experience endless natural beauty and the luxury of vibrant cities at the same time. There are very few wildlife destinations that can rival South Africa. The country is just perfect for adventurous couples on a budget. Apart from the Big Five, you get the chance to see wild dogs, cheetahs, hyenas, and thrilling bush adventures. Plus, couples can look forward to staying at some of the finest lodges and indulging at some of the leading restaurants.
  • Highlight: Spot Big Five at the famous national park, Kruger, world-class vineyards, and postcard-perfect beaches

Unique landscapes and exclusive experiences in Botswana 

Botswana is famous for its unique wildlife and landscapes, as well as its most expensive lodges. The UNESCO World Heritage Site dominates the vast expanse of the country’s northern region with an inland river delta. Thus, the floodplains and high grasses of the delta region house all kinds of animals, and you get an increased chance of spotting crocodiles, lions, leopards, hippos, elephants, giraffes, and more. Enjoy both land-based and water-based safaris for varied experiences.
  • Highlight: Spot spectacular wildlife combined with cultural interaction in the three different regions of Botswana.

    A female lechwe (Kobus leche) jumping over a patch of clear water in Okavango Delta
    A female lechwe (Kobus leche) jumping over a patch of clear water in the Okavango Delta. Photo Credit – Wikipedia

 Wildlife Safari honeymoons: Tips for couples

Honeymooning couples must know what to consider and expect during their wildlife safari holiday.
  • Safaris are generally remote and can be exhausting, but they offer some incredibly intense experiences.
  • Look for all-inclusive safaris to get the best of the wildlife and modern amenities with special extra touches to keep you relaxed.
  • Read reviews and make useful comparisons to pick the right destination with greater concerns and awareness for conservation and local communities.
  • Dig out detailed information about the wildlife safari you are interested in, such as the weather, the best time to visit, and where the best chance is to spot wildlife.
  • Ask for some extra specials, such as a private dinner on your own deck, a horseback ride, sunset cocktails, a couple’s massage in the spa, and other romantic experiences.
A honeymoon with a wildlife experience is bliss for the adventurous lovebirds who can look forward to an incredible game viewing of the Big Five, stay in super comfy jungle lodges, and enjoy an exotic champagne bath.
You can certainly pick from the above-listed locations for your honeymoon wildlife safari and choose lodges known for their beautiful décor and delicious food. Make careful choices if looking for a high density of wildlife and honeymoon-worthy lodges with a top-notch focus on couples. Although the African continent carries the major safari honeymoon destinations, one can always explore other countries and options. These spots are indeed every honeymooner’s dream destination!
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