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Last year, a massive chunk of the global population was married. The vast majority of these people likely embarked on a bliss-filled honeymoon to celebrate their cherished life-long partnership. For many newlyweds, honeymoon planning is a highlight of tying the knot since it offers an opportunity to plan for the future and make fond memories.
Online statistics show that approximately 75% of newlyweds embark on their honeymoon within the first week of marriage. To put into perspective just how popular honeymoons are, get this: The number of U.S. couples that take honeymoons—an industry with an annual valuation of $12 billion—is estimated at 1.4 million.
Whether your adventure will involve strapping kayaks to a roof rack floodlight or ascending into the Egyptian skies in a hot air balloon, it’s essential to remember that the success of a honeymoon is all in the planning.

Why do they call it a honeymoon?

Fascinatingly, the concept of a “honeymoon” is derived from the Scandinavian tradition of mead drinking, whereas the word itself derives from the Old English word “hony moone.”
Historically, mead, a type of fermented honey mixed with water, was often consumed to boost the chances of conception during the initial month of marriage. (A moon cycle would be used to measure the first month of marriage.) The fermented honey, or “hony,” symbolized the sweetness of nuptials.
The second part of the word “moone” refers to the body’s natural monthly cycle. Therefore, “honeymoon” was a term coined in the mid-16th century to represent, as Samuel Johnson wrote in 1542, “the first month after marriage when there is nothing but tenderness and pleasure.”

10 Pointers to Ensure a Dreamy Honeymoon

During the honeymoon phase, you and your partner will be able to continuously learn about one another’s personalities and refresh your memories as to why the love was sparked in the first place. Ideally (and most couples would agree), the honeymoon planning period would be never-ending. However, if you only have a certain amount of time free from the workplace to celebrate your vows post-wedding, it’s essential to make the most of your trip.
Here are some valuable tips to assist you in accomplishing this mission:
  1. Plan things on time. Are you seeking out the best opportunities for the lowest prices? If so, the earlier you start planning your honeymoon, the better. Not only do the most popular hotels usually sell out quickly, but it’s also common for theaters, tours, and fancy restaurants to require advance registrations.
  2. Work as a Team: A whopping 99% of grooms are believed to do the proposing. While men seem to be the dominant sex in proposing, a study of newlyweds indicated that a bride chose to plan the holiday 85% of the time. Regardless of these statistics, working as a couple helps to maintain balance.
  3. Consider Your Hobbies Beforehand: Before choosing the location, take a moment to sit down and discuss your and your partner’s hobbies. This is important because, for example, one of you enjoys skiing over snowy terrain. At the same time, the other prefers paragliding above sun-drenched beaches. You’ll likely struggle to find a happy medium. Focus on locations where you can each indulge in your shared hobbies
  4. Setting/Location: Did you know that 63% of honeymoons take place in foreign countries? What’s more, 37% take place in U.S. locations, while 10% are enjoyed aboard cruises. Not only will the setting impact the overall experience, but so will the location. Some of the best honeymoon destinations for inspiration include Hawaii, Costa Rica, tours to Turkey, the Bahamas, and Mid-Coast California.
  5. Set aside Enough Savings: On average, couples that set off on a destination wedding will fork out more than $8,000 for their all-important honeymoon. In comparison with the cost of traditional weddings, this is one-third more. The average cost of a honeymoon ranges from $2,500 to $3,500. The level of luxury you and your partner desire will affect the price, so keep this in mind. Don’t forget to start a honeymoon planning savings fund, too!
  6. Off-Season is Cheaper and Quieter: Perhaps one of the best ways to save money on honeymoon hotels, villas and tours is to book during the off-season. Aside from feeling more local and grasping better photo opportunities in uncrowded places, the off-season usually welcomes last-minute bookings and lower airfare rates.
  7. Hire a Travel Agent: Prepare to experience numerous honeymoon perks by collaborating with a travel agent. More couples than ever before rely on trip-design specialists to assist them in navigating the lingering complications associated with the coronavirus pandemic. Not only do travel agents promote responsible tourism, but they also specialize in catering a trip to meet each couple’s interests.
  8. Soak Up the Local Culture: Absorbing unique cultures is all part of the honeymoon experience. Gain cultural awareness and step out of your comfort zone by taking the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local way of life. You could even save money on delicious delicacies, drinks, and souvenirs if you demonstrate a willingness to speak a few words in the local language (should there be one).
  9. Set up a Honeymoon Registry Fund. It’s not necessary to receive gifts at your wedding. Instead, why not ask guests to pool their money together for a honeymoon registry fund? A registry of this kind works in the same way as a traditional registry. Simply use an online registry tool and include the link on your social media pages for the fastest results.
  10. Don’t Over-Plan – There’s nothing wrong with creating an itinerary for your honeymoon. However, you should always leave some room for the unexpected. After all, the best moments in life tend to occur spontaneously! Aim to include one big attraction on the agenda each morning, but make sure you allow the universe to work its magic for the rest of the time spent on your honeymoon.
    For many newlyweds, the honeymoon planning is a highlight of tying the knot since it offers an opportunity to plan for the future.
    For many newlyweds, honeymoon planning is a highlight of tying the knot since it offers an opportunity to plan for the future. Photo credit: Pixabay
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