Rock City is a roadside attraction in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, situated near Ruby Falls. It is well known for the many barn advertisements throughout the Southeast and Midwest United States that have the slogan “See Rock City” painted on roofs and sides.
This site claims that it is possible to see seven states from Lover’s Leap, a point in Rock City, but this has not been proven. In 2006 it began having daily bird shows for its visitors. Every fall season Rock City creates a maze using crops of corn in the valley below the gardens. There are also hayrides and other seasonal activities at the maze site. The name of this event is “The Enchanted MAIZE”.
Every year from Nov to Dec Rock City by lighting the park with lights and displays called “Enchanted Garden of Lights”. History tells that Native Americans populated Lookout Mountain at some stage. By the time the American Civil War reached the slopes of Lookout Mountain, further people had revealed what was already being called Rock City.
During the Battle of Lookout Mountain, both a Union and a Confederate claimed that seven states could be seen from the summit of the mountain. The city did not become a popular tourist attraction until the 20th century, but later on developed a residential neighborhood on top of the mountain, called “Fairyland” because of his wife’s Frieda. One important feature of this Fairyland is to build a miniature golf course, now recognizes as the nation’s first mini-golf course.
Fairyland was 700 acres and encompassed Rock City, and Frieda made some brave decisions to make the property into one big rock garden, planted wildflowers and other plants along the trails and imported German gnome statues, and another famous fairytale. These decisions make a big impact on traffic and Rock City made a big public attraction in 1932.
The beautiful site contains hundreds of labeled local trees, plants, a variety of unique and bizarre rock formations. Legend states that an Indian who loved a woman from a rival tribe was thrown from the mountain when he was discovered. Near Lover’s Leap is a beautiful view of the High Falls of Lookout Mountain.
The award-winning, light show features over 30-holiday scenes that transform the garden’s natural daytime splendor into nocturnal fantasy land. Visit with St. Nick and his elves! Enjoy gingerbread cookie decorating, hot cocoa, Sugar Plum Fairy Makeovers, and nightly entertainment at the North Pole Adventure! See elves harvesting candy canes and building toys.
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Rock City is roadside attraction in Lookout Mountain Georgia situated near Ruby Falls have slogan "See Rock City" painted on roofs and sides
This is a roadside attraction in Lookout Mountain Georgia situated near Ruby Falls have the slogan “See Rock City” painted on roofs and sides
One of the many bridges along the path inside Rock City
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