Exquisite Leaves Embroidery Patterns by Hillary Fayle. The artist Hillary Fayle, a student of embroidery, has created masterful craftsmanship and delicacy series of leaves that have been cut and embroidered with exquisite decorative patterns. Therefore Hillary Fayle starts by coating every leaf in a non-toxic preservative that stiffens them up and protects them.
After that, she cuts them into numerous forms and embroiders them or simply embroiders onto their uncut surfaces. She says; I normally try to use renewable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly materials for my art, so this was an obvious choice. Moreover her astounding leaf embroidery, she also creates astonishing leaf-cutting designs, a few of which you can see here as well. Her website is definitely worth checking out!
Leaves Embroidery Patterns
Leaves Embroidery Patterns
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33330 33331 33332 33333 33334 33335 33336
Source: Boredpanda


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