The history of Topkapı Dagger is very interesting, which is considered the most valuable dagger in the world. All of it started to be made in 1741, on the order of Sultan Mahmud I. The Ottoman artisans made this dagger, called a jambiya.
The Topkapı dagger was to be given as a gift to the Iranian Shah Nadir Shah, who was a Turk of Afshar. Ahmad Pasha Kesrieli transported it with him, along with a thousand retainers, among other priceless gifts. Furthermore, in those times, emerald gifts frequently symbolized the giver’s grandeur, wealth, and authority.
Topkapı Emerald Dagger is also known as Timed Dagger 4, Emerald Dagger, or Nadir Shah’s Dagger. Interestingly, Nadir Shah sent Mahmud I a collection of magnificent gifts the night before he passed away. After the dagger was completed, the embassy group that had left for Baghdad to receive the gift returned to Istanbul as a result of Nadir Shah’s death in the Baghdad rebellion, and the dagger was given to the palace treasury. The dagger is 55 cm long and has diamond embellishments set in the emeralds. The Topkapı dagger’s emeralds radiated exoticism and the splendor of Islamic empires, including the Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal dynasties.
In Ottoman culture, horses and weapons like swords and daggers were essential for establishing one’s legitimacy, power, and leadership in both the military and religious domains. The dagger handle is adorned with three 30–40-millimeter Columbian Emerald stones. Engraved fruit enamel adorns the basket portion of the dagger, while gold glaze adorns the scabbard.
The Topkapı Dagger is a significant piece of Ottoman jewelry art, demonstrating their profound ability and skills. The emerald on the lid is encrusted with gems, and the basket contains a dagger’s scabbard with a watch within, decorated with stylized, slightly embossed fruit enamels and gold glaze.
The Topkapı Dagger is one of the most expensive items in Topkapi Palace. Because of its exceptional beauty and brilliant brightness, the Topkapı dagger has captured the attention of people all over the world. The dagger is kept in the Imperial Treasury, which is situated in Istanbul, Turkey’s Third Court of the Topkapı Palace. Daggers played a symbolic role in the lives of both men and women of great status.
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Topkapı Dagger Most Valuable Dagger in the World
Topkapı Dagger Most Valuable Dagger in the World. Source
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