Gorgeous Ocean Waves Glass Sculptures

Ocean Waves Glass Sculptures – A California-based husband and wife Paul DeSomma & Marsha Blaker are inspiring glass artists individually, but the spectacular pieces they create as a duo blows us away with the magnificent force of a tidal wave. Both are working mainly with hot glass. The exceptionally talented pair produces attractive, ocean-inspired glass sculptures that mimic the grace and motion of cascading waves.
They’ve inspired by their love of nature and the sea, Marsha Blaker and Paul DeSomma meticulously recreate remarkable watery elements, from gradient shades of cerulean and shining surfaces that catch the light to amazingly realistic bubbles and white crystallization of foam among smooth ripples. However; whether in the form of an avant-garde vase or a solid sculpture of a surging wave, each superb work of art embodies the real beauty of the ocean.
Marsha Blaker-DeSomma received her Master’s Degree in both ceramics and glass and they’ve attended “Pilchuck Glass School” as a scholarship student and as a staff member. Though Paul DeSomma, on the other hand, is a glass artist who specializes in figurative work in blown glass in New York City in 1983, and he spent the next 15 years working and studying in studios in Seattle, Washington, and Murano, Italy.
The decision to collaborate, as opposed to working side by side in the same studio, came in part because of a very serious car accident in which Blaker was involved. And she calls it a “lifestyle change”. As somehow, the accident made us realize that now is the right time to do the work together and we both really feeling needs to be done.
Why wait for a better time? Every time is right to start working hard and there’s no better time than now. Every so often, things that appear tragic can be an actual positive influence, ultimately. That’s what we’ve found in this case, is that we were able to see the bigger picture.
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Ocean Waves Glass Sculptures
Ocean Waves Glass Sculptures
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