Tokyo-based photographer Hayato Wakabayashi captures stunning photos of frozen waterfalls, caves, and frost in his ongoing series Gravity. He’s bundled in warm layers and weighed down by heavy gear, the daring photographer braves the bone-chilling cold of Japan’s mountainous regions in order to document remarkable phenomenon in nature. The majestic rushing cascades are frozen in time and suspended in midstream, turning the familiar sight of waterfalls into a stark, stylish winter wonderland. I started to become interested in the slow and organic variations of nature,” he explains. I have always been spellbound with the unnoticeable growth built from repeated elements in nature. Nothing can be escape gravity.

You know, there’s a natural order that exists outside our rationalized ideas. Gravity holds all that exists. I show nature’s order by snapping these effects of gravity that we’re not usually aware of in our daily lives.

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Source: Mymodernmet


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