A Massive Hammock between Cliffs in the desert of Moab, Utah.

A Massive Hammock between Cliffs above 400 Feet in the desert of Moab, Utah. A group of 50 BASE jumpers, slack-liners, and other daredevils built a colossal pentagonal hammock around 400 feet above the desert near Moab, Utah.
The spectacular miracle produced by these enthusiastic people is the “Mothership Space Net Penthouse,” the hammock served as a platform for BASE jumpers and a destination for slack-liners, who walked up to 262 feet-long lines tethering the hammock to surrounding cliffs. There’s the undeniably dazzling view from there and you can get a lot of adrenaline definitely. We’re sure, you’d like the efforts of these daredevils. There was no anxiety of fear in their great effort. check out the photographs and enjoy!
Hammock between Cliffs
Hammock between Cliffs
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