What Is Iguana Chum Used For? 

Don’t just bait your hook and cast your line off the stern! If you want to catch more fish, fishing chum is the way to reel them in. In South Florida, using Iguana Chum is the best choice because it attracts more fish. Sold in frozen chum blocks, it’s easy to keep stored in a freezer or cooler to enhance your fishing adventure.
What Is Iguana Chum Used For?
What Is Iguana Chum Used For? In South Florida, using Iguana Chum is the best choice because it attracts more fish. Sold in frozen chum blocks, it’s easy to keep stored in a freezer or cooler to enhance your fishing adventure. Photo Credit – Pixabay

Why Use Chum?

Chumming gets the attention of fish and lures them closer to your boat. It’s also an easy technique to use in fishing, one that brings you a greater bounty of fish.
While chum is made from a variety of things, Iguana Chum is deemed superior. Available in frozen blocks, it makes churning up the waters full of fish a breeze. With a chum dispenser such as a net bag, you simply drop the frozen Iguana Chum block into it, tie a line to your dispenser, and then tie that all to the cleat on your stern.
After about 20 minutes, the fish will start making their way, unable to resist the scent. Both bait fish and large species will be driven from great distances to feast on Iguana Chum. 

How Is Iguana Chum Made?

In South Florida, local fishermen have long used iguana meat as bait because it’s highly effective. However, in previous years, iguana bait wasn’t as readily available as it is today.
You can thank the overpopulation of iguanas in South Florida for that. Now that they’ve become an invasive species and a nuisance to property owners, the bounty of iguana meat is astronomical.
Iguana Chum is caught locally and processed locally to bring more iguana meat to fishermen. By harvesting feral iguanas that are collected daily, they are ground into a fine mixture.
The grinding process makes Iguana Chum disperse into the water columns. It’s then boxed up and frozen, making it ready for your day of fishing. You can find it in bait shops or order it wholesale.

Why Choose Iguana Chum?

You could use any type of chum, but frozen Iguana Chum works like a charm, making for a great day of fishing every time. Converting the bounty of excess iguanas from land into a sustainable source of bait for fishermen also reduces waste. In doing so, this style of chum can bring in groupers, kingfish, snappers, and more.
Enhanced with menhaden oil, the chum slicks created by Iguana Chum are far too irresistible for the fish to pass up. It creates a strong smell that attracts more variety of fish. With that deeper attraction, you stand a better chance of catching more. 

Frozen Iguana Chum Helps You Catch More Fish

Even experienced anglers have made the mistake of overloading the water with too much chum at once. With frozen Iguana Chum in your dispenser, it keeps from putting it all out there while still creating enough of a slick for the fish to want to stick around.
That’s important since you don’t want the fish so focused on your chum that they don’t get hooked on your reel. As you add the Iguana Chum to the water in a frozen block, let it disperse for about 20 minutes before you cast your bait out. You should see a big difference in how many fish you’re able to reel in using this brilliant fishing hack. 

How to Get Iguana Chum

You can order wholesale Iguana Chum or find it at your local bait shop. Now that iguanas are such a persistently invasive species in South Florida, there is always plenty of Iguana Chum available.
Iguanas are as plentiful as ants or cockroaches, making for an endless bounty to serve as chum for your fishing adventures. You’ll love using these frozen blocks to drive fish to your boat, helping you to catch those big fish that make your trip a success every time. 

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