Czech architecture agency Uhlik Architekti, (which includes architects Petr Uhlik, Jan Sorm) presented an innovative concept of leaning home. As the pictures states; the house is actually called Forest Retreat, which is constructed in a diagonal formation with the upper section resting upon a giant boulder. The agency established this beautiful idea for their clients who requested a hideaway that could help as a quiet escape from the urban pandemonium of his life in Prague. We selected an area between Central and South Bohemia where the customer comes from and where he has loved going to since his childhood. He took us to a spot in the midst of fields, woods, and meadows, full of strange boulders, to a remote and somewhat forgotten place.

Although it is not spacious house but it construct the home, measures 10×20 feet, the architects used wood and fallen trees found along the owner’s land in the forest, along the skills of local craftsmen. The main flat room proffers space for one person to stand and look out at the landscape through the large, floor-to-ceiling glass entryway. Large steps lead up towards a 2nd window that proposes a second view of the forest. However; interestingly each step functions as a resting place as well as storage and, moreover, one of the benches can be turned over to create a double bed. General, the multifunctional house is a straightforward space where the owner can relish a quiet escape from city living.

Source: My Modernmet

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