No creature in the animal kingdom is more lenient to seek adventure tours and explore the world than humans. Our thirst to see new places, experience the dangers, and explore the uncharted has made us what we are today.
However, for some of us who thrive on the adrenaline rush, few of the tours present any challenge. The more we experience new adventures, the more we want. The next one always being riskier than the previous ones.
Here are 6 tours that will make you feel like a kid again, giving you your much-needed adrenaline fix. Let’s dive into it.
Adventure Tours That Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again
Adventure Tours That Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again. The classic Everest Base Camp journey is a spectacular 14-day out-and-back. You can start the journey via Sagarmatha National Park to the base of the tallest peak in the world. Photo Credit – Pixabay

1. Climbing to Everest Base Camp

The classic Everest Base Camp journey is a spectacular 14-day out-and-back. You can start the journey via Sagarmatha National Park to the base of the tallest peak in the world.
Although the Himalayan scenery along the way is breathtaking, the majority of trekkers are not permitted to remain at Everest Base Camp. It requires specific approvals. Most hikers stop at their 5,340-meter destination for a picture before descending to the adjacent town of Gorak Shep for the night.
But on a few unique departures, you may stay the night at the famous camp. Additionally, these vacations could be planned to take place during the busiest season for summit attempts. When groups of climbers are already in town.
It’s a rare chance to experience the great mountain and interact with daring individuals making their last-minute preparations to reach the peak. You could even watch teams beginning their ascent of the infamous Khumbu Icefall. Khumbu marks the beginning of their ascent to the top.

2. Explore the Grand Canyon

Going underneath the Grand Canyon is the only way for you to view the enormous valley from a unique and grand position. It seems impossible that the Colorado River could have formed the enormous Grand Canyon when viewed from below. Of course, it has had almost two billion years to do so. 
Colorado river has sliced through the strata of black, red, orange, and purple to form one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Therefore, viewing the canyon from the water gives a far more intimate perspective than looking in from the top.
Officially, a full run begins at Lees Ferry, 443 kilometers to the northeast of Grand Canyon National Park, and ends at Lake Mead. Along the way, there are side canyons, Puebloan ruins, swimming holes, and sandy beaches in addition to a lot of untapped water.
However, the issue is obtaining entry authorization. To get a private rafting permit, there is a “weighted lottery” procedure with a lengthy waiting list.
Commercial tour-op tours, which vary from one-day to three-week floating, are fortunately available. But even these must be reserved in advance if you want to ensure that you will see all of this ancient beast. 

3. Enjoy Events in Oxnard

Situated on the shores of California, Oxnard is home to museums, libraries, and sanctuaries. But, for the little adventurer in you, this city hosts hundreds of events and festivals that attract millions of worldwide audiences to its core. 
Whatever your passion is, there must be an event on for you. Hikers, cooks, rock bands, chowder makers, everyone is welcome to host and participate in events to interact with like-minded individuals here. 
You also are welcome to visit the epic Oxnard beach in its full sun, sand, and waves to enjoy beach activities like Volleyball and sunbathing. Moreover, the beaches have jet skies and Channel Islands National Park satisfies passionate individuals. 
You’d be wrong if you thought Oxnard didn’t have nightlife. The bars and clubs found in every corner of the city present you with an opportunity to dance and try anything from beer to local wine. 

4. Ride Through Ladakh

You can visit Ladakh for any number of reasons. It could be the cold desert, the snow leopards, or the monasteries, but for the adventurer in you, bike rides can be the reason for your visit. 
June to November is the best time to visit Ladakh. These months provide riders with the opportunity to appreciate Ladakh’s tourism circuits. You may also enjoy trips to Lahaul and Spiti during these months. However, the majority of riders enjoy beginning their new year with this wild bike adventure.
The optimum span for a Leh Ladakh motorcycle trip would range across a period of at least 15 days. Depending on several variables including the route you take, your complete itinerary, and especially the weather, it may take more. 

5. Chill in Antarctica

Antarctica is a destination for epic journeys. powerful, risky, but unquestionably thrilling. Perhaps the exact cause it makes so many wish lists is the possibility to travel to a place so few others have gone.
Take a journey into the Weddell Sea to the east to explore a location that is even less known to tourists. The enormous glaciers, breaking icebergs, and hazardous circumstances will demonstrate what true adventure feels and looks like.
You may also be able to discover a variety of animals in Antarctica. Such as the enormous baleen whales lurking just beneath the surface and the penguin and seal colonies huddled on the glacial ice above.
Adventure Tours That Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again
Adventure Tours That Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again. Photo Credit – Pixabay

6. Trek the Milford Track

Smoothly accomplish one of New Zealand’s Great Walks. The Milford Track is undoubtedly the best of New Zealand’s designated Great Walks, out of the country’s ten total.
The scenic Mackinnon Pass concludes this four-day, 53.5-kilometer journey from Lake Te Anau to Milford Sound. This trip traverses the grandeur of Fiordland National Park and includes waterfalls, rivers, ice fields, forests, and lots of pioneer history.
However, the three DOC lodges along the trail only have room for a certain number of people at a time. Camping is not allowed during the busiest summer hiking months (November to April). However, if you decide to upgrade, commercial tours allow hikers to visit the Milford track with private accommodations and luxury. 

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, these 6 tours will be able to quench your adventure thirst for the next few years. Tours like the Everest summit or Antarctica may be out of reach to a few due to physical or financial issues, but the rest is enjoyable and achievable.
If you’re someone seeking to be a child again, leave behind the worries and start planning the next adventure tour in Oxnard, Milford, Ladakh, or the Grand Canyon.


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