The Beauty of Fallen Cherry Blossoms Petals. Every spring, photographer Danilo Dungo spends time at Inokashira Park to capture the dazzling bursts of Tokyo’s cherry blossoms from a bird’s-eye view. He directs his DJI Phantom drone over Inokashira Koen, a famous public park, to capture his shots during the short season of March till April when the trees bloom in bright pink flowers. He rendered small and distant, the cherry blossoms seem to erupt from the earth like fluorescent fireworks, nestled in clusters of normal greenery and lined up against the edges of the park’s central pond.
Dungo has decided to shots the event mostly early in the morning, which seems to have avoided extra attention which adds an extra layer of misty beauty, and also, no crowds of people! Therefore, in several of the series’ most stunning photographs, the fallen petals form patterns on the surface of the water, carpeting the rippled flows in their rosy hue.
He has become a master at capturing the natural event from all viewpoints, particularly with aerial shots that show the pink flowers covering the nearby lake. In others, the sight of the golden sky at sunrise explicates the quiet cast of mild mist across the scenery. Japan’s cherry blossoms typically do get all the visitor’s attention for their short-lived natural beauty.
But equally ephemeral are Japan’s Nemophila, or Baby Blue Eyes. However, what makes the vistas mainly astonishing is the way that they capture such a brief spectacle and the cherry blossoms only last for about a week. Luckily, Dungo’s photographs are durable, and you can check them out on his National Geographic Shot Dungo’s Website.
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Source: My Modern met and Spoon Tamago
Cherry Blossoms Petals
Cherry Blossoms Petals
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