Without any fears, the latest Models of Suspended Tents Offer more versatility to sleep among Trees. Tentsile has the adventurous camper in mind with their inventive suspended tent systems. We first featured the company last year, admiring how you could safely sleep without any fears in the trees with their solid, waterproof products. Since then, they have exposed a few new models that permit even more adaptability when camping in the air among the trees.
Tentsile has now introduced a new feature a triangular hammock called the “Trillium” that can form a multi-floor outdoor living environment. Moreover, you can stack them to increase sleeping space for additional campers, or make a place to store extra gear, shoes, and even your beloved pets. Tentsile has also introduced Vista, a creative two-layer tree tent, where the diverse levels can be accessed through a floor hatch or sides.
Their most imposing product is the “Trilogy”, which is a huge communal shelter that’s designed to hold at least six people above the ground. Therefore, this creative product has three separate sleeping areas and a central canopy that clips together.
The skillful designer Alex Shirley-Smith first considered suspended tents as a way of generating portable treehouses. In 2012, he teamed up with designer and co-inventor, Kirk Kirchev, and Tentsile was inaugurated. They achieved big success during that time, including opening their own manufacturing unit and winning an ISPO design award. Read More – The Rare Tibetan Black Diamond Apple
Source: My Modernmet
Suspended Tents Offer More Versatility to Sleep Among Trees
Suspended Tents Offer More Versatility to Sleep Among Trees
Sleep Among Trees
Sleep Among Trees


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