Best Mini Golf Courses in London

British culture mixes eclectic customs, history, and innovation; therefore, London, the bustling epicenter of British culture, is an absolute must-see. A brilliant capture of the British spirit, with renowned landmarks, regal heritage, and a blend of foreign influences, London provides an immersive experience in which the past and present coexist peacefully.
Among admiring Big Ben, visiting Buckingham Palace, and strolling in the bustling streets of Piccadilly Circus, a visitor can spice up his visit with a pinch of fun and adrenaline that will also allow engagement with British culture, enriching his experience in London.  Mini golf course venues inject a dose of innovation and lightheartedness, providing a distinctive and interactive means. Whether you’re an aficionado of culture or simply seeking a great time, London caters to all tastes.
Best mini golf courses in London mixes eclectic customs, history, & innovation; therefore, the bustling epicenter of British culture, is an absolute must-see.
The best mini golf courses in London mix eclectic customs, history, and innovation; therefore, the bustling epicenter of British culture is an absolute must-see. Source

Birdies Crazy Golf (Battersea)

Birdies Crazy Golf, nestled in Battersea’s core, isn’t your run-of-the-mill mini golf course. It’s an exceptional gem in the world of miniature golf, renowned for its extraordinary design, where each hole is a masterpiece of artistic brilliance. Yet, Birdies Crazy Golf is more than aesthetics; it’s a place where memories are born and shared.
As you navigate the course, you encounter a diverse array of vivid, imaginative, and visually stunning hole designs, from towering castles to whimsical landscapes. Attention to detail reigns supreme, creating an immersive experience where laughter reigns and smiles are infectious. This world of artistry, entertainment, and pure joy is the answer when looking for a place to host a unique date night, a fun outing with friends, or an unforgettable birthday celebration.

Plonk Golf (Peckham)

Our second stop is located in the vibrant neighborhood of Peckham, where an urban-themed mini-golf course offers a dynamic and creative experience. Plonk Golf stands out for its eccentric ambiance and budget-friendly rates, making it an essential destination for those in search of an exhilarating and one-of-a-kind night out with friends, regardless of each one’s skill level.
Immerse yourself in a world of neon colors, ingeniously crafted obstacles, and even a hole inspired by the grandeur of a pinball machine. Before embarking on this thrilling and unparalleled journey, make sure to explore the available time slots for Crazy golf with and ensure you secure your spot, as availability varies and spots often fill up quickly, especially on the days of the week when demand is peaking.

Lost Jungle London (Hendon)

Lost Jungle London’s mini-golf course provides an engaging experience for people of all ages. The rich tropical rainforest atmosphere comes to life with vegetation, exotic flora, and realistic animal noises. Throughout the course, difficult obstacles put your abilities and tactics to the test. Cascading waterfalls offer atmosphere and intricacy, necessitating precision ball navigation. Surprising tunnels add to the pleasure.

Swingers (City of London)

Finally, we end in the heart of London City, near the iconic Gherkin skyscraper, at the entertainment complex Swingers. The location offers more than just mini golf; it’s a haven for thrill seekers. Their well-stocked bar serves carefully made cocktails, craft beers, and premium wines. Swingers tantalize taste buds with gourmet burgers, loaded fries, wood-fired pizzas, and Asian-inspired delights in collaboration with famous street food vendors. Play table tennis with your buddies, shuffleboard, or simply relax in the comfortable seating spaces. Swingers provides everything you need to wow a date or have a fun night out with pals.
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