How To Create The Best Skin Care Regimen For Combination Skin?

Best Skin Care Regimen

You are one of a kind, and so does your skin. Different people have different skin types. This is why dermatologists are there to help you know your skin and take care of it in the proper way. But for taking care of your skin and developing a skincare regime, you first need to know what skin type you have.
Basically, there are 4 different types of skin types. They are as follows.
  1. Normal skin type
  2. Oily skin type
  3. Dry skin type
  4. Combination skin type
When it comes to combination skin type, people get confused because it is a combination of dry and oily skin. So, we are here to guide those who have combination skin.

What Is Combination Skin?

As we have told you earlier, combination skin combines two main skin types: dry skin and oily skin. In combination skin, some parts of the skin, the nose, forehead, and chin area (also known as the t-zone) are oily.
Apart from those particular areas, the skin is basically dry, like the jawline and cheeks. If you are the owner of combination skin, you have to develop a skincare routine, which will make both the oily and dry skin types happy.

The Best Skin Care Regimen For Combination Skin

Here is a complete skincare routine for your combination skin. Let’s check them out.

Clean Your Face Gently

Obviously, you will clean your face.
But you must be gentle, as your cheeks and jawline areas are dry. Thus, you have to stress a little more on your t-zone, especially on the nose and forehead area. Usually, for the morning light, gel-based skincare products in Dubai are the best for cleansing combination skin.
In the evening you need to cleanse the face twice. First, you need to use an oil-control deep cleanser to remove all that dirt and oil. After that, a regular face wash will do the work for you.

Timely Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation is essential for all skin types. Are you exfoliating twice or thrice a week? Both are great. But do not be so hard with exfoliation, be gentle. If you are being too harsh, it will damage the delicate areas and result in inflammation.

Apply An Essence, Booster, And Serum

After cleansing and exfoliation, it is time to build up a barrier for your skin. Here, a light serum, essence, or booster can work individually or together. Your dermatologist will be able to guide you on the particular products to which you should stick.

Apply An Eye Cream

The skin around your pretty eyes is extremely delicate. In our daily skincare regimen, we often neglect this area, but you might have noticed that with aging, this is the area that forms fine lines. So, take a pee size of your favorite eye cream, and massage in a circular motion until the cream is absorbed in the skin.

Apply A Moisturizer

Now the time has come for moisturizer. You might have herds that oily skin needs deep moisturization, and dry skin needs a light moisturizer. What will you select for your combination skin? During the daytime, go for a lightweight cream; for the night, opt for a gel moisturizer or emollient serum.

End With Sunscreen

Sunscreens are not only for beach days. Every day our skin absorbs sun rays and harmful ultraviolet rays. A lightweight and matte finish sunscreen with at least SPF 30 will do the necessary work for you. Protecting your skin from sun rays is undoubtedly important if you want to slow down your skin aging.

Take Care Of Your Combination Skin

Taking care of your skin combination is actually very tricky. So, you have to be really careful about your routine and also the products you are using. But before opting for any skincare routine, it is critical to know the skin type you have. Consulting with a dermatologist or an aesthetic clinic in Malaysia helps a lot here.

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How To Create The Best Skin Care Regimen For Combination Skin?
How To Create The Best Skin Care Regimen For Combination Skin? Taking care of your skin combination is actually very tricky.