Why do Rain Sounds Make Us Sleep Better? We all know that rain makes us feel better. In fact, many people report that the sound of rain is one of their favorite sounds. Research shows that this is because we associate the sound of rain with a relaxing, safe feeling. So it seems logical that if we hear the rain, we’d fall asleep faster. A group of scientists decided to test this idea and found out just that. Rain sounds are a great way to enhance your mood and relax.
Why Does Rain Sounds Make Us Sleep Better?
Why Do Rain Sounds Make Us Sleep Better? Photo Credit – Pexels
They are also scientifically proven to help induce sleep. Rain makes us feel safe, which is good for our sleep. Rain can help us become more open to our dreams and to our subconscious. Here are the seven rain sounds that sound the best, according to scientists. The one that sounds best to you may depend on what kind of rain it is. Here are the sounds that have been proven to induce sleep.
Rain sounds seem to be a common phenomenon of nature, but according to a new study from Cornell University, rain is actually a natural sleep aid. Scientists found that sleeping people woke up after a downpour to be refreshed by the falling water. They theorize that the sound of the rain could be interpreted by the brain as “sleep rain” — a lullaby to help us get to sleep.
Why Does Rain Sounds Make Us Sleep Better?
Why Do Rain Sounds Make Us Sleep Better? Photo Credit – Pexels
You may think of rain as something that makes us feel sad and gloomy, but researchers believe there’s something else going on in our brains when we hear it. We tend to fall asleep better when there’s rain because the sound of it provides a steady tone, according to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. Scientists had participants lie down in a room with a fan, a light, and either rain or no rain for half an hour.
During the experiment, participants were asked to count backward from 800 by subtracting 3’s. Afterward, researchers measured their sleep patterns for several nights. They found that the participants who were exposed to the noise of rain fell asleep significantly faster and slept longer than those who heard no sound.
This phenomenon is known as the binaural beat effect. Binaural beats involve audio frequencies that produce a frequency shift in the brain that makes one side of the head seem to beat out the other side. These are used in meditation, sleep, and even brain imaging. This phenomenon creates a very specific pattern of sound waves that are unique to the brain wave frequency of a particular person, which could possibly be the reason why rain sounds are conducive to sleep. Here you can listen to the rain sounds.
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