In the cold depths of Russia’s northeastern Chukotka region. Magadan-based photographer Ivan Kislov captures stunning, colorful signs of life in the snow through his magnificent photographs of wild foxes.
Ivan Kislov enjoys hiking to distant spots and photographing wildlife in between his long shifts as a mining engineer. He presents a spectacular look at the foxes that live and hunt in the icy region. He took some of the most beautiful photos of wild foxes in Russia’s snowy landscape. 
Set against the vast, empty landscape. Kislov’s furry subjects display a magnificent personality and spirit. Instantly playful, mischievous, loving, and fierce. Although Kislov photographs all sorts of wild animals, from reindeer to bears to wolves,.
He says that foxes make for some very willing models, thanks to their curiosity and bold nature. Foxes are inquisitive and can come very close, and I tried to capture them with wide-angle and telephoto lenses. 
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Source: Mymodernmet
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IvanKislov9 Ivan Kislov captures stunning Photos of Wild Foxes in the snow through his magnificent photographs of foxes in the wild. IvanKislov11 IvanKislov12 IvanKislov13 IvanKislov14 IvanKislov15 IvanKislov16


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