Natural First Aid Kit Must-Have’s

Be it a headache, an injury, or a wound, our first instinct is to reach for a painkiller. But did you know that your kitchen holds several remedies to ease and manage pain and discomfort? The next time you need something to make you feel better, try some of nature’s own medication. Put Together a Natural First Aid Kit. Here’s what you should keep on hand. 

Aloe Vera

Applying aloe vera on wounds helps them heal faster as glucomannan a compound in aloe vera fights inflammation and helps speed up the growth of healthy new cells.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in water is the ideal remedy for people suffering from heartburn on a regular basis. The mixture, taken at least half an hour before a meal, helps keep acidity at bay for 24 hours. Apple cider vinegar contains acids like tartaric and malic acid that help break down fats and proteins, elements that cause acidity and acid reflux before the food reaches the esophagus.


A cup of blueberries a day helps fight UTIs (Urinary tract infections) or bladder infections as they contain a compound known as tannin that doesn’t let bacteria latch onto the wall of the bladder to cause infections.

Buttered Vegetables

The latest research shows that consuming your veggies with a dash of butter helps absorb carotenoids better and boosts your immune system thereby fighting common colds more effectively.


Eating at least 20 cherries daily helps fight chronic pain caused by arthritis, headaches, gout, etc. Cherries contain anthocyanins that help fight inflammation. Research suggests that by eating cherries daily you can cut back on medicines and help ease the pain to a minimum.


This is not an old wives tale; cloves or clove oil is known to make toothache disappear for at least two hours. Cloves contain a compound known as eugenol that has powerful anesthetic properties;

Fish Oil

Fish oil contains two essential omegala 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA that help fight inflammation. Research shows that people suffering from chronic pains such as rheumatoid arthritis, sinusitis, joint pain, and swelling were able to reduce their drug intake once they started a regimen of fish oil supplements. Eating fish regularly also helps people with gastrointestinal troubles such as frequent indigestion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, etc.


Garlic oil does wonders for earache as it contains compounds known as allicin that help fight bacteria, especially in the ear.


Ginger helps soothe muscle and joint pains by blocking pain-triggering hormones. Add two teaspoons of ginger to your meals daily for at least two months to reap the benefits of gingerols, the component in ginger that helps block pain.


If you are suffering from mouth sores, try dabbing the sores with honey; it contains natural compounds that fight inflammation faster than any other medicine for mouth sores.


Two glasses of lemonade a day can help prevent kidney stones. Lemons contain citrate that breaks up calcium in the urine and prevents it from depositing in the kidneys.


Start your mornings with a bowlful of oats and see your endometrial pain fall sharply within six months. Oats are gluten-free, and gluten is the main cause of pain in endometriosis.


Pineapples contain proteolytic enzymes that aid in speedy digestion and breakdown of proteins. A cup of pineapples daily can cut down bloating and flatulence within 72 hours.


Remember how, when you were a child, your grandma made you drink a glass of milk with turmeric in it whenever you injured yourself? Turmeric contains a compound known as curcumin that blocks pain-producing hormones.

The latest research shows that people given turmeric in their diet had a drastic fall in pain related to arthritis and fibromyalgia; some studies suggest it may be more effective than ibuprofen.

Vitamin D

Research showed that some people experiencing chronic pain also suffer from low levels of vitamin D and that they experienced a drastic drop in the severity of pain when their vitamin D levels were raised. Sunshine is an excellent source of vitamin D as it helps produce this nutrient naturally walks in the sun is an ideal way to boost your vitamin D.


If you have excessively dry skin, try eating walnuts as they contain powerful omega-3 fatty acids that help nourish the skin.


Eating at least two cups daily can help ease PMS symptoms by almost 50%. Yogurt contains calcium that helps soothe the nervous system even hormonal influx.

The next time you need something to make you feel better, try some of nature’s own medication. Put Together a Natural First Aid Kit. Here's what you should keep on hand. 
The next time you need something to make you feel better, try some of nature’s own medication. Put Together a Natural First Aid Kit. Here’s what you should keep on hand.

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