Although it doesn’t produce coffee beans when grown as a house plant, the Coffee Tree, with its glossy green leaves. It is an ideal choice for a strong display of foliage. The Coffee Tree makes a dramatic feature on its own or in combination with foliage or flowering plants.
The Coffee Tree originally from Africa was introduced to Europe in the 18th century. It is easy to grow and holds its lush foliage all year round. Its wavy-edged glossy leaves can add a tropical touch to any room.

Flowers and Flowering

Given greenhouse or conservatory conditions, and a large tub or border, mature Coffee Trees may develop small clusters of tiny, narrow-petalled white flowers. These are fragrant and appear in late summer. The berries which may follow are green at first, then turn to red, and later turn black. Inside each fruit are two beans, from which coffee is made.

Size and Growth

Where they grow naturally, Coffee Trees can reach 5m (16ft) in height but in containers are usually no more than 1.5 m (5ft) and are more shrubby than tree-like. They grow quickly and may put on 30cm in one season. The Coffee plant more shrub than a tree has oval-shaped and lustrous deep green foliage.
Leaves fall if the plant is not getting enough light. The treatment required is to move the plant to a lighter spot but protect it from direct sunlight, especially in a hot summer. Moreover, brown leaf edges are caused by scorching in direct sunlight. Also, to keep the plant in the filtered light and cut off the damaged leaves!
Fluffy white or grey deposits on leaves are signs of mildew. Take care not to overwater, but major attacks of this fungal infection should be treated with a fungicide spray or powder. Also, scale insects may appear on the undersides of leaves.
If there are only a few remove those with cotton swabs dipped in diluted methylated spirits. If the infestation is severe, isolate the plant and use a systemic insecticide until it is free of insects.


The best variety for growing as a house plant is Coffea Arabica “Nana”. This is a compact plant that grows more slowly than the species. Therefore, use your plant as a specimen on its own or combined with flowering plants for a mixed display. The small white flowers may appear on mature plants in summer, followed by berry-like fruits that contain coffee beans.

Making New Plant

  1. Remove side shoots, about 15cm (6in) long, in summer. Cut just below a leaf node, then dip the cut ends in hormone rooting powder. Place each cutting in a small pot containing on an equal mix of coarse sand, peat moss, and compost.
  2. Also, provide bottom heat of 24C and water moderately and feed every four weeks with diluted liquid fertilizer.
  3. After 4 to 6 weeks a strong root system should develop. Treat as a mature plant and repot in spring into one size large pot.

General Care of Coffee Tree

Your plant is easy going but you should keep it out of direct sunlight.
Potting: Repot in spring only if the plant has outgrown its pot. Strong growing plants may need repotting every two years. Use an equal-part mixture of coarse sand, peat moss, and soil-based compost, and only a slightly larger container.
Watering: In the summer season give the water moderately and moisten the compost, but allow it to dry out between applications. In the winter season, give the water sparingly, giving just enough water to barely moisten the compost. Never let the compost get bone dry.
Feeding: Apply a diluted liquid plant fertilizer every other week during spring and summer.
Light: Avoid placing your plant in the direct mid-day sun, but give it good indirect light.
Temperature: Normal room temperatures are suitable. If temperatures fall below 13C then the plant will lose its lower leaves. Keep humidity high in hot weather by misting or standing the plant on a tray of moist pebbles.
Buying Tips: You should find this plant at larger garden centers or nurseries all year round. Also choose compact plants with glossy, healthy, leaves. Check that the leaves are not damaged or discolored and that there are no insects. This plant lives for many years. 

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Coffee Tree is an ideal choice for a strong display of foliage makes a dramatic feature in combination with foliage or flowering plants.
Coffee Tree is an ideal choice for a strong display of foliage makes a dramatic feature in combination with foliage or flowering plants.
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