How Does One Become a Muslim?

If anyone wants to become Muslim, the first question in their minds comes. How Does One Become a Muslim? Hence, the process by which one becomes a Muslim and straightforward. All it entails is the declaration of Thus, one states in front of witnesses, bear that none worthy of worship except Allah and I bear Muhammad (PBUH) is the Messenger of Allah.”
Upon stating those sentences, one enters the beautiful brotherhood of Islam. A brotherhood stretches from the time of Hazrat Adam (A.S) until the last days of this. It is recommended that one do a complete washing body, such as a shower, before making this declaration. This symbolic act represents the washing away of all acts as one enters a new stage in life.
The Prophet and blessings Allah be upon him) stated, “Islam wipes away [sins] preceded it. In other words, whether one had defiantly disobeyed Allah or was simply ignorant of faith, all of that is now individual. He now has a new life. He should realize, though, has now taken his first step. There are many others ahead of him.
He should now be prepared to and devoted worshiper and servant of Allah until he finally meets on the Day of Judgment, being pleased with being Allah’s servant and Allah is pleased with him as His servant. It was noted earlier that Islam is definitely a complete life.
Upon embracing Islam, one must have the intention to submit to Allah. This means that many changes may take a life. Hence, again, it is truly a life-transforming step many One should make the commitment with that knowledge and firm conviction that pleasing Allah is the ultimate one. However, one never has to be alone in one’s from the moment one embraces Islam, he is of brotherhood and sisterhood that is there for each other.
In every major city throughout the world, one can find Islamic centers and mosques. Has been experienced by this author that those centers are always happy to welcome any newcomer into the fold and to try or grow as a Muslim.
By Allah’s grace, He has made His religion open to everyone. There are no restrictions-all that is needed is a sincere heart willing to submit to and worship Allah alone. May Allah guide all the sincere truth seekers to the wonderful and beautiful path of His religion, Islam.


This author has attempted to shed some light on the religion of Allah, Islam. This is obviously an ominous task and difficult to perform in a small number of words. Sometimes, it is difficult to into words the beauty that one experiences. However, the author hopes that some of what has been written here has touched the heart and the mind of the reader.
The only advice that this is left to give is to encourage every reader to turn to Allah with a sincere heart and ask Him for guidance. Allah willing, that sincere prayer will lead the individual directly to the truth and the beauty of Islam. Insha’Allah you will feel a different life full of inner peace. Ameen.
How Does One Become a Muslim?
How Does One Become a Muslim?
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