Human Urine Contains Over 3000 Metabolites that can be measured for diagnostic purposes. The term metabolite is normally used for little molecules. Metabolites have different functions, including fuel, signaling, structure, stimulators, and inhibitory effects on enzymes, the catalytic activity of their own (normally as a cofactor to an enzyme), defense, and interactions with other organisms (e.g. pigments, odor-ants, and pheromones). 
Previously only a few hundred metabolites were known, but a recent study shows there’s a lot more going on in urine than we thought. These metabolites are able to help diagnose renal disease, genetic conditions, and some forms of cancer in a painless, non-invasive way. The discovery of this extent of metabolites in urine might expand the list of diseases that can be detected in a urinalysis.
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Human Urine
Human Urine


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