This fuzzy strange Poodle Moth is equal parts lovable and mystifying, definitely making you question the line between reality and science fiction. Therefore, setting the internet on fire due to its bizarre resemblance to a Pokémon or demonic Furby, meet the enigmatic Venezuelan Poodle Moth. Zoologist Arthur Anker of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan first discovered it in 2009.
A mysterious photograph of the bizarre little guy swiftly made its rounds online. Hence, due to its unique antenna and physical characteristics, the “Poodle Moth” is believed to be a new species of moth, belonging to the lepidopteran genus Artace.
The bizarre, white creature with bulging, black eyes and strange, brown antennae is a seeming blend between a large moth and a fluffy white poodle, but it is a real creature and in fact rare enough that photographs only surface infrequently, and in doing so perplex the internet and puzzle the public, a closer examination is essential before actual classification of the animal can happen.
For the time being, the pictures that do emerge continue to confuse the world at large, only adding to the mysterious mystery that surrounds this bizarre little moth creature. The fairy-like moth was associated with all kinds of other fuzzy moths, as well as with imaginary creatures and Pokemon characters. 
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Source: My Modernmet
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