Architecture and Applied Arts in Old Spain

The rich history of old Spain includes significant architectural monuments in characterful and characteristic old town sites as well as conspicuous products of the applied arts. These days are still overwhelming, despite the considerable vandalism of the Napoleonic wars and the modernization craze of the 20th century.
Making a choice that will illustrate the various types in every branch of the wide fields of applied arts and architecture is exceedingly difficult. The plethora of materials lacks good-quality photographs, but some of the very important objects are scarcely known outside of the narrowest professional circles.
But we hope you can understand that procuring materials during that time was difficult. There are a number of décor pictures that characteristically attained their completion after the discovery of America. And during the setting in of the strong decline of the Spanish World Power. In the decorative motives, the strong Spanish sense of reality is revealed.
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