The bedroom in the pictures may be one of the most exclusive sleeping quarters ever. Thus part of the Udang House or Shrimp House at the Bambu Indah hotel in Ubud, Bali, and the one-of-a-kind room has tempered glass floor panels that disclose a spectacular underwater panorama of the fresh shrimp pond that the house is positioned above.
Therefore with its open-air shower, private porch, abundant natural light, and rustic decor combined with modern conveniences like air conditioning and wireless internet, the Udang House reveals the overall eco-luxury sensibility of the Bambu Indah estate. Every house was built from teak timbers in Java over 100 years ago, making for an exclusive living experience enhanced with decades of history and culture.
Stunning riverfront rice paddies and picturesque cascades offer remarkable views, though bamboo bridges, lush greenery, and a natural swimming pool teeming with fish bring the attractiveness of Mother Nature right to the doorsteps of the guests. From the comfort of their own bed, visitors can spend hours looking at the lively blue waters of the pond, loving the infrequent opportunity to grasp plentiful crustaceans swimming around in a flurry of underwater activity.
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