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Belmore Falls New South Wales Australia

If you are looking for a little adventure off the beaten track, then a trip to Belmore Falls is worth including in your itinerary. Belmore Falls is one of three waterfalls descending into the northern end of Kangaroo Valley and part of the Morton National Park in southeastern New South Wales, Australia. Belmore Falls is situated in Morton National Park between Fitzroy Falls and Carrington Falls.
The Belmore Falls area, 8 KM south of Robertson, offers outstanding vistas of Kangaroo Valley and two waterfalls that drop a total of 100 meters into the Barren-Garry Creek Valley; the main fall drops a spectacular 78 meters. A short walk leads through a relatively undisturbed Eucalypt forest to several lookouts from which the falls and magnificent rainforest in the valley below can be seen.
Belmore Falls Walk is 1 ½ KM, an easy 45-minute walk. Typical sandstone flora is a special feature of this walk, including flowers such as honey flower, banksia, wattle, and tea tree. Plant communities on this walk include Eucalypt forests, Woodlands, Rainforests, and Heathlands. A track leads off to four lookouts located along the eastern edge of the escarpment. There are excellent views of the valley and across to the falls.
The natural significance of the site was recognized in 1883 by the decision to reserve it for ‘Public Recreation and Preservation of Timber’ with the official dedication of Barren-Garry Park at Belmore Falls taking place in April 1887. The site being 550 meters above sea level, several lookouts were established. One is Hindmarsh’s Lookout which provides views over Kangaroo Valley and township.
It was great to be able to photograph the falls from several angles you just need to follow the signs around the escarpment to several lookouts, the last of which provides views of the waterfall. Typical sandstone flora is a special feature of this walk, including flowers such as honey flower, banksia, wattle, and tea tree. There are also rainforests, bushland, and wildflowers to see.
It’s a good idea to put sunscreen on before you set out and remember to take a hat and plenteous of drinking water, and for safety reasons, you must avoid trying to view the falls at the Barren-Garry Creek crossing. To return, go back the way you came, or take a shortcut across the car park, and reaching the falls from Robertson involves a thin winding dirt road; drive with care. There are picnic tables nearby if you have time to stop for a bite to eat.

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