The cardinal flower is a symbol of joy and happiness, attracts abundance, and repels negativity. Red cardinal flowers are extremely showy and bright. During the late summer, marshes, stream banks, and low woods are dotted with flashes of flowers.
A perennial with such intense colors are rare in North America. Cardinal flowers are a species of bellflower in the Campanulaceae family found in the Americas, from the southeastern coast of Canada south to the eastern and southwestern states of the United States as well as Central and Northern America.
On two- to four-foot spikes, the flowers open slowly from the bottom to the top. There are many leaves on this plant that are dark green and tapered on both ends. Its sweet nectar is loved by hummingbirds. The two-celled pods are open at the top and contain numerous seeds.
Cardinal Flower
Cardinal Flower – Its sweet nectar is loved by hummingbirds. Photo Credit – Pixnio 
The magical properties of cardinal flowers. Keep a bouquet of fresh flowers hanging over your front door to protect the occupants of the house and all those who enter. Your home will also be filled with a light, joyful energy when these flowers are in bloom. It may be short-lived, even though it is generally considered a perennial. Moisture and part shade are ideal conditions for them
During autumn, place a few seeds in a bowl in the center of your altar to stay healthy all winter. Wearing a few seeds in an amulet while visiting a sick friend will prevent you from getting sick. Aside from attracting joy and happiness, the amulet will also help you succeed in life. It was used by Native Americans to treat stomach disorders, worms, and syphilis.
It is poisonous, and extracts of its leaves and fruit produce vomiting, sweating, and pain before ultimately killing the victim. As an alternative to tobacco, the Penobscots tribe smoked dried leaves. Chewing may also have taken place. Read More – Northern Cardinal Songbird – Sing Variety of Melodies
Cardinal Flower
Cardinal Flower is a symbol of joy and happiness, attracts abundance, and repels negativity. Photo Credit – Chesapeake Bay Program


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