Caves Homes of Guyaju

The Caves Homes of Guyaju, China

The Ancient Cliff House (Guyaju), 'the biggest maze of China', was a considerable discovery relating to the study of ancient Chinese people who inhabited...
Alexander the Great established a cantonment under Greek Governor. Therefore, The Patan Minara served for keeping a watchful eye on the local tribes.

Mysterious Patan Minara of Rahim Yar Khan

Patan Minara is an ancient Buddhist monastery in Rahim Yar Khan Pakistan. In the 2,000 years old monastery situated 8 KM from Rahim Yar...

The Magnetic Hill – Where Vehicle is Moving Up at a...

The Magnetic Hill, Where Vehicle is Moving Up at a 20km Speed - Well, it sounds quite unbelievable, that your vehicle is moving up...
Camels wander in the water following the monsoon - which sees temperatures drop from a high 50 degrees to a cool 20 overnight

Oman Forest – Blooms for Three Months in a Year

Oman Forest - Blooms for Three Months in a Year. The jungle of Oman revealed in a series of photographs, is an incredibly pop-up...

The Murud-Janjira Fort

The Murud-Janjira Fort is situated on an oval-shaped rocky island in the Arabian Sea, near the coastal town of Murud, 165 km south of...
The walls and ceiling of the frozen world are made up of layers of compacted snow, with the river softly gurgling through a long chamber here illuminated by a yellow flare

Ice Cave Kamchatka – The Most Magical Cave in the World

The majestic ice cave is located on the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia. The Kamchatka Peninsula is a region of exceptional natural beauty with its...

Derawar Fort in the Cholistan Desert of Bahawalpur

Derawar Fort (Qila Derawar) is built by Hindu Rajput Rai Jajja Bhati of Jaisalmer in the Cholistan desert of Bahawalpur Pakistan. Derawar Fort is...

The Breathtaking Terraced Rice Fields in The Cordilleras

Terraced Rice Fields in The Cordilleras - Into precipitous mountains rice paddies have been carved from some 220 miles (350 kilometers) from Manila, this...

Kumbhalgarh Fort – The Great Wall of India

The wall that surrounds the ancient fort of Kumbhalgarh Fort is one of the best-kept secrets in India, located 84 kilometers north of Udaipur,...
Keti Bunder is situated at the mouth of the River Indus recognized as Ochito, which is entering through Hajamro creek consisting of an area of 9,130 hectares.

Keti Bunder – A Wildlife Sanctuary at Thatha, Sindh

Keti Bunder is part of the Indus Delta and is situated in Thatha district, Sindh, Pakistan. The diversity of avian dominance and diversity of...
. Since, 1810 more than 200 eruptions have recorded in Azerbaijan is accompanied by massive explosions and underground rumble.

The Mud Volcanoes of Azerbaijan

The Mud Volcanoes - In 2001 in Azerbaijan, the ground start to move in an unusual way seems some supernatural powers trying to get...
Miletus Ancient Theater is an important historical site located in the Aydin province of Turkey. This theater is a well-preserved example of ancient Greek and Roman architecture

Miletus Ancient Theater – A Significant Historical Site in Aydin

Miletus Ancient Theater is an important historical site located in the Aydin province of Turkey. This theater is a well-preserved example of ancient Greek...

The Green Side of Dubai – Unveiling the City’s Best Parks...

The Green Side of Dubai Dubai, an oasis of grandeur nestled within the Arabian Desert, pulsates with a vibrancy rarely seen elsewhere. It's high-tech architecture...

Karakul Lake – The Black Lake of Tajikistan

Karakul Lake is also called "Black Lake" (black when the sun is hidden by clouds.) actually located in the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan, within...
Mysterious Chinese Cliff Lays Egg Shaped Stones

Mysterious Chinese Cliff That Lays Egg Shaped Stones

In the South Western of the Chinese Autonomous Region of Guizhou province. There is a cliff named “Chan D Ya”, a mysterious Chinese Cliff...
The Canyon views are very scenic, adventure lovers likes white white-water rafting and canoeing.

Explore the Natural Phenomenon of Sharyn Canyon

Sharyn Canyon is an interesting natural phenomenon also famous as Charyn Canyon located on the Sharyn River in Kazakhstan, almost 200 kilometers east of...
There are two folk legends surrounding the origins of the rock formations that compose Gatbawi.

Gatbawi – Hat Shaped Rock

In South Korea, Gatbawi is a natural sandstone and Tafoni formation found near the mouth of the Yeongsan River. Gatbawi means “hat rock” because it...
On a Sunny day sparkle like lighted candles, the Glass Beach of Ussuri Bay is not the only perfect example of nature correcting man’s mistake.

The Spectacular Glass Beach of Ussuri Bay

There is a 30 mins drive away from the city of Vladivostok, Russia lies a spectacular bay surrounded by remarkable cliffs. Though it has...

The Magical Satrangi Lake in Naltar Valley

Satrangi Lake Location – Satrangi Lake (Seven Colors Lake) is located in the Naltar Valley, Gilgit, Pakistan. Satrangi Lake is one of six lakes...

Pabbi National Forest Park – A Paradise For Nature Lovers

It's a beautiful spring day in the park. You just imagine yourself sitting on the wooden bench, the pleasant sunlight on your face, the...
The newly completed Museum Hotel Antakya.All photographs are courtesy of Museum Hotel Antakya

Turkish Hotel Antakya Built Above 2,300-Year-Old Ancient Ruins

An astonishing new extravagance Turkish Hotel Antakya opened in 2020. Amazingly it is at once an engineering wonder, an architectural attractiveness, and a world-class...
The Cave (Ghar-e-Hira) is situated on mount Al-Noor on way to Mina near Makkah and its peak is visible from a great distance.

Jabal Al-Noor – The Mountain of Light in Makkah

Jabal al-Noor is also called “Mountain of Light”, or “Hill of Illumination”, and “Hill of Enlightenment” is a mountain near Makkah in Saudi Arabia's...

The Nubian Pyramids of Menroe

The Nubian Pyramids of Menroe - In Sudan, a valley is famous as “Nubia” just 200 kilometers northeast of Khartoum. In the valley lies...
China Heaven Gate in Hunan province is named after an unbelievable cave natural arch eroded through the karst syncline.

Stairs Of China Heaven Gate Tianmen Shan

China Heaven Gate in Hunan province is named after an unbelievable cave natural arch eroded through the karst syncline. The Heaven’s Gate, as the...
The cats were primarily introduced to the island to prevent mice from chewing through fishing nets Image credit NITRONAT

Aoshima – The Cat Island

Aoshima island, is famous as “Cat Island”, actually a small island, where there are expressively more feline residents than people and inhabited by 15...