House on the Shores of New Zealand – The majestic house is tucked away on the shores of the New Zealand coastline. The beachside house is designed by Patterson Associates. The one of most beautiful houses is nestled into the Banks Peninsula, veiled among the hills, with its own small private beach and cove to relish.
The house has built with local materials, like rocks which were gathered near the site. Moreover, there’s also on-site water harvesting and wastewater treatment. Therefore, large floor-to-ceiling windows furnish the textbook opportunity to relish the natural surroundings all day long.
This stunning holiday home can be rented and has just three rooms, a lobby, a living and sleeping area, and a bathroom. This is a perfect place for those, who love true nature. You can stroll on the peaceful beach; relax away from your busy life, hike the nearby hills, enjoy the fireplace, sunbathe, and many more.
Source: Beautiful Life
 House on the Shores of the New Zealand
House on the Shores of New Zealand
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