Healthy teeth are your Birthright, as let us remember nutrition pioneer Dr. Weston Price’s words:
We have diverged from Nature’s laws of life and health when it comes to tooth decay. This is not only unnecessary but also a sign of our disconnection from Mother Nature.
Indeed this is true when Dr. Price said that, “Much harm is done, in my judgment, by the sale and use of substitutes for natural foods.” There is no other way to be healthy without approaching dental problems directly through improved lifestyle and eating habits. Sadly, considerable harm has been done to our teeth and bones because mere facsimiles of food have replaced real, nutrient-rich food.
Dental systems that do not value care, awareness, and health are conventional dental systems that cause suffering. In this system, secrecy is valued, evidence is kept hidden, false truths are told, and hurtful treatment is given. We are at a crossroads as a result of this tired and destructive method of providing oral health care. There is a connection between this crux and the larger story of humanity and our beliefs about ourselves.
We still hold onto the old belief pattern that having a human body is wrong and sinful. We believe that a better and healthier reality lies elsewhere. Based on this belief system, humans are meant to suffer because to exist is imperfect. If our purpose was to suffer, diseases like tooth decay would not be curable. And because of this belief system, its treatments involve discomfort, pain, and disease. There has also been a shift in beliefs.
Humanity is not wrong or sinful, according to this belief system. Consequently, if we suffer, it must be from self-inflicted suffering caused by human ignorance, not from our predetermined state of existence. Our suffering is our responsibility. It is within our power to change what is our responsibility. We are here to live in nature’s abundance by following nature’s laws. As you follow these laws, you will discover that suffering is not a predestined fate, but rather a self-inflicted consequence of opposing nature.
When we realign with Nature’s principles, we connect ourselves with our innate goodness and power to heal, and we move towards balance. I want to share with you the teachings of our indigenous friends, the Aboriginals. Living in harmony with the land and immune to tooth decay, they believed “that life consists in serving others as one would wish to be served.”
In the absence of the practice of this philosophy, which is also interwoven in many of the world’s religions, a system of health care ¾ including dental care ¾ has emerged that is driven more by profit than by the higher motive of service to others. We have all suffered greatly as a result. I invite you to bring this spirit of service into your life and to your friends and family. It is this liberator of goodness that has inspired me to create and share with you the possibility of healing your teeth and gums. For I, too, have committed myself to serving others, and this book is one of the results.
Furthermore, we can continue to lie and dishonor our own true selves and believe that diseases like tooth decay are not curable. But it is time to move away from this limiting belief. Tooth decay is caused by a faulty diet. From this knowledge, let us become empowered to take more responsibility for our dental health. The decision now rests in your hands. Do you ask, “How can I serve life?” which includes taking excellent care of yourself, your teeth, and your gums? Or do you choose the old way of convenience, using foods that stimulate rather than nourish your body?
Make the commitment to yourself, a stringent commitment to changes in your diet and lifestyle, and let food be your best medicine. Of course, it takes work to live a healthy lifestyle and obtain high-quality foods. Other than that, you deserve a healthy life and mouth. And your community, your friends, and your family deserve you to be in good health for their sakes. You are not here to suffer; you are here to heal your suffering! Ramiel

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Healthy teeth are your Birthright
Healthy teeth are your Birthright. Dental systems that do not value care, awareness, and health are conventional dental systems that cause suffering. Source


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