Well, if someone offers you to have amazing color changing ice cream as its melts? Then what’ll be your expression? Obviously, you’ll be amazed. Spanish ice cream enthusiast Manuel Linares has formulated a dessert that will change from blue to pink to purple with the help of the temperature and acids from the human mouth and a spritz of something he calls a “love elixir.” Thanks, science! The beautiful idea of color-changing ice cream actually a unique kind of idea when ice cream changes its color as it melts.
He has attended a course in ice cream making at the Hotel Business School Hoffman in Barcelona, where students were motivated to create a novel flavor of ice cream. Manuel Linares announced that his ice cream would be able to change color as its melted, a surprise statement that earned him laughs from his instructor.
But Manuel stuck to his goal and managed to get the objective of color-changing ice cream and he is convincing everyone he wasn’t joking. He created the ice cream and give him the name “Xamaleon” a special ice cream that changes from purple to pink when it melts.
Amazing Color Changing Ice Cream as its melts
Amazing Color Changing Ice Cream as its melts
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