A British businessman has spent £15,000 to convert an old double-decker bus into their dream holiday home because he is too tall for caravans. The British man Andrew and his wife Lisa Jane Powis bought the Leyland Atlantean bus off eBay for just £2,500 and have transformed it into an exclusive camper van with an ample kitchen, wood burner, and three beds.
Therefore, they’ve created their own holiday home after becoming fed up with cottages refusing them because of their big dogs, and due to the point that caravans offer an uncomfortable stay for 6ft 5in Andrew. They’ve spent 6 weeks renovating and decorating the Cliff Richard Summer Holiday style bus, and use it for breaks with their three children and two great Danes (Nickname Betsy Blue).
The bus is also being hired out to the public for £105 a person per night; hence they ripped out all of the seats and installed furnishings, including a cooker, oven hob, and fridge. There’s a bathroom on the lower level, bedrooms on the top deck, and a relaxing hot tub just steps from the bus front door.
The 43 years old Andrews says I’m struggling alone in a caravan, let alone with three kids and two Great Danes charging about. You know, most holiday cottages are pretty dog-unfriendly too, and we always found it really hard to find somewhere that would have us. Then we got the idea to build our own super-size caravan.
Though we don’t have much experience with this sort of thing, ultimately we decide to go and make it happen. We worked out there and now my entire family loves it very much. They hoped it was just for us, I think they’re a bit gutted that we keep renting it out. We’re extremely glad that our friends and other visitor are stunned when they see the converted bus.
Without any doubt, this was a marvelous experience and the feedback has been amazing too. The exclusive bus is admiring every visitor and loads of space, little things like the hot tub and the log burner make a big impression too.  Source: Dailymail
double-decker bus
double-decker bus
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