8 Countries with Easiest Student Visa Procedures

8 Countries with Easiest Student Visa Procedures
8 Countries with Easiest Student Visa Procedures
8 Countries with the Easiest Student Visa Procedures: Every year, thousands of students flock to foreign countries in pursuit of higher education. While students often choose their study destination based on their fields of preference, the truth is that the chosen country’s standard of living and culture also play a significant role.
However, more importantly, students should also consider the ease of getting a visa for studies and the possibility of staying back after completing the course. Below, we have narrowed down the top countries that are eager to welcome international students to their universities.
8 Countries with Easiest Student Visa Procedures
8 Countries with the Easiest Student Visa Procedures Photo credit: Unsplash

1. Australia

Australia is one of the highest-ranked countries for higher education. And as it goes, it is also easy to get a student visa to Australia. It is home to many renowned universities and has a multi-ethnic culture. After completing the course, students also have the opportunity to work and settle there.
Moreover, students can say as long as six years; the specific duration would vary depending on the chosen course. Australia also allows its students to bring their spouses into the country, and they might even get to work. However, once again, this is applicable to students joining for a master’s degree or courses of a higher level.
And students also have several educational resources accessible here. For academic help and assignments, students can get a paper edit or complete a full thesis with the help of professional writers. Additionally, almost every university has a dedicated office to cater to international students.

2. Canada

Canada is another top destination among international students due to many reasons. It has highly reputable universities, a reasonable cost of living, and relatively high postgraduate salaries. Interestingly, Canada accepts international students for not only long-term programs but also short-term courses of three to six months. Moreover, Canada also has several online programs that do not require students to move to the country to take the course.
And of course, it has spectacular natural surroundings too. Above all, Canada also has a simple visa application procedure. Once you get into a university, you can apply for a visa, and given that you meet all the conditions, it wouldn’t be hard to get one.

3. Germany

Germany is best known for its low-cost higher educational institutions. The country’s public institutions charge no tuition fees at all. Moreover, depending on the city, the cost of living can also be significantly low. You can also stay back for a few years while you search for a job.
The only catch is that regardless of whether you choose an English or German course, you will need to get a language certificate. And when applying, you will also need to show sufficient funds for your stay in Germany.

4. The United Kingdom

The UK used to be a tough country for students to get into, at least when compared to the likes of Australia or Canada. However, in the last couple of years, the UK student visa policy has changed, and now they are accommodating more international students.
Its proximity to Europe and cultural diversity is other reasons that students prefer the UK. Needless to say, as the financial hub of the world, students also have access to several job opportunities in the country.

5. The United States

Home to the Ivy League, the United States remains one of the most popular study destinations for international students. No matter the chosen field of study, students can find technical colleges, marketing institutes, design programs, law and medical colleges, and more. Yes, the tuition fees can be quite high here; nevertheless, the country approves thousands of student visa applications every year.
One of the main requirements for students is to pass the IELTS exam. The minimum score to be attained will vary from one course to another and between colleges. Students might also have to pass the GRE, GMAT, or SAT depending on their chosen course and credentials. The US Green Card Offices provide free consultations to those who cannot afford it and have been turned away from other organizations because of their immigration status or lack of funds.

6. New Zealand

The universities in New Zealand are among the world’s best. The country is rich in its natural beauty and surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere. The education system is of excellent quality, and the visa process is also relatively easy. While working, students are allowed to work part-time, and during vacations, they can also find full-time positions.
And if willing to stay outside Auckland, students will get up to three years of post-study work permits. For selected courses, especially in the Master’s and Ph.D. categories, students can also bring their partners, who will be offered a work permit.
For visa applications, students will also have to show six-month-old funds in their bank account that can support them in New Zealand after moving.

7. France

Among European countries, France is another highly favored destination among international students. Unlike Germany, France does not stipulate that all students take a French language course unless they opt for a French-based program. For English courses, you only need to have an IELTS certification.
Moreover, France has excellent universities. There are also several student towns, such as Nantes, Tours, Clermont Ferrand, and Paris, and students can choose the right city based on the expenses they can afford. France also has partnerships with several countries, such as India, which makes it easy for students from certain countries to move to France.

8. Singapore

The last one on our list, Singapore, offers an excellent international experience to foreign students. It has a culturally diverse atmosphere and world-class universities, including Nanyang Technology University. When compared to other Asian destinations such as South Korea and Japan, Singapore is relatively more inclusive for international students.
Singapore’s economy is also rapidly developing, which offers great opportunities for students to stay back and settle. Moreover, the official language is English, which makes it easy for foreigners to get along. In Singapore, the student visa is called the student pass. However, some universities might require students to have a separate visa as well.
If you are worried about your student visa getting rejected, it is crucial to do homework even before you apply to a university. It would be better to take into account the visa requirements and funds needed, as well as the acceptance rate of your chosen country, before finalizing your study-abroad destination.
8 Countries with Easiest Student Visa Procedures
8 Countries with the Easiest Student Visa Procedures Photo credit: Pixabay


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