“Kuli” the fearless one-eyed cat surfing is exactly making waves all across the Internet. Before he was even born, roommates “Krista Littleton” and “Alexandra Gomez” were hoping to adopt a feline friend just like him. Hence more than a year ago, over waffles, Alex was explaining one of the several translations for the name Nanakuli,” Littleton. “Nanakuli means to look blind.
Alex joked about getting a one-eyed orange cat and naming him just that.” Therefore, their wish came true when three-month-old Nanakuli (“Kuli for short”) was serendipitously rescued in Nanakuli, Hawaii, and cared for after being found malnourished on the street with an infected eye.
Unhappily, his eye had to be removed before Gomez and Littleton adopted him at 6 months old, so far they were still worried about his condition. In the first month, we were concerned that our new friend was not going to make it. We think part of the reason “Kuli” is so tolerant of water is that he had to have repeated baths due to his messy health issues.
A Big Thanks to their TLC, young “Kuli” made a complete recovery and the two roommates worked to integrate him into their active lifestyles. Therefore, they started out by walking him on a leash and later took him to the beach so he could progressively learn how to swim with a lifejacket and lead.
Moreover before long, “Kuli” mastered the art of both swimming and surfing, so he only needs to wear his life preserver infrequently and no longer needs to be leashed. The daring feline even received his own boogie board and can now be found catching a wave amidst Hawaii’s blue-green water with his loving owners.
One-Eyed Cat
One-Eyed Cat
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