Machu Picchu, A Walk Through The Clouds

This movie is made by Nu Parnupong Plus on a preview of my work from South America trip.The magical moment of watching Machu Picchu appear amongst the fog and cloud on the sunrise. It’s remarkable moment in my life. Perhaps a million photographs of Machu Picchu have been taken but to see this magical moment with your own eyes it’s speechless. I was standing there more than three hours to watch this moment while it’s raining and cold to shoot the time-lapse shot of this moment is the memorable moment.

Shooting with Panasonic GH4 + Lumix 7-14mm

I use the time-lapse mode and convert to 4K footage in camera.

Editing and downscale to 1080p by Final Cut Pro X


Machu Picchu,A walk through the clouds. from Nu Parnupong on Vimeo.