The Perfect Ideas for a Corporate Christmas Party

Apart from being with family and closest relatives, celebrating Christmas with colleagues at the office can also be exciting. It serves as a way to tighten each team member’s relationship with each other. To make sure that the Christmas event is as exciting for everyone, we have curated the best event recommendations for your company to do during this end-of-year celebration. Keep on reading below to know more about what activities are the perfect idea for a Christmas event at your office!
Ideas for a Corporate Christmas Party
Ideas for a Corporate Christmas Party

Secret Santa

The first fun activity for Christmas celebrations at the office is Secret Santa. Secret Santa is basically exchanging gifts without the name of the sender so that the recipient of the gift will not know who gave the gift. There are several ways you have to do, in order to make Secret Santa successful. 
To begin with, you must first prepare the maximum gift price. Afterward, determine some items that should not be used as gifts (for example, alcohol, and home products). Furthermore, when a gift has been purchased, provide the same gift wrap for everyone thus each of the gifts will be indistinguishable. These steps are the ultimate strategy for running a successful Secret Santa event!

Christmas Lunch or Dinner

As the main event, you should hold a lunch or dinner session with the team. Everything will look more fun when there’s food or drinks at the event. Therefore, you should schedule a Christmas lunch or dinner at the office. You can buy the meal with the budget that the company usually has provided for the bonding session or you can also do a potluck.
The potluck allowed each of the members to contribute to preparing the food. But seeing that most will probably be busy with their work, it will be best to choose the first option and allow any employees who love to cook or bake to contribute without any coercion. Don’t forget to purchase water from a water bottle distributor to ensure you have enough stock of drinks for everyone.

Decorating the Workplace Together

If you have proper space, the best place to hold your corporate Christmas event is definitely the workplace. To ensure the Christmas vibe and spirit are even more prominent, you and other coworkers should decorate the office together with Christmas decorations
A way to make decorating even more fun is to get the whole team involved and set a date and time to put it up. Putting up Christmas decorations is definitely one of the most enjoyable activities of Christmas. Just merely putting up decorations can make everyone feel excited about the holidays, even if you have to spend them at the office.

Hold Inter-Division Competitions

If your company is rather big with a variety of team members from various divisions, you can make the Christmas celebration more lively by holding a competition between divisions. Make competitions between divisions with a series of games to create unity and cooperation in playing. In addition, don’t forget to provide prizes for the best team so that everyone is even more motivated to show their best in this game.

Christmas Costume Party

Why not make the Christmas celebration even more exciting with a Christmas-themed costume party? To make it simple but still in line with the theme, you should ask every team member to show up with their Christmas sweater! This activity has become a holiday tradition that can add joy to Christmas.
To make it even more exciting, hold a competition among the members to come up with the best 80s fancy dress, weirdest, most unique, sweater costume. The people with the most votes will be the winner and get an exciting prize in return!

Watch a Christmas-Themed Movie 

Last, you can wrap up the party by watching a Christmas-themed movie together. There are lots of Christmas-themed films, whether classical or modern movies that can uplift our Christmas spirit. In addition, watching Christmas films sometimes can bring a bitter-sweet memory or nostalgia to us especially if we choose classic films. This is because most of them are the films that we watched when we were just little kids.
You can incorporate all events to make one big Christmas celebration at the office or choose some of the ideas above to live up to the Christmas joy. Celebrating Christmas is always exciting, even when you do it with office colleagues. Take part in some of the activities above and feel the Christmas cheer and vibes at the office!


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