Lodha Amara Review

Since I have to move to the city for business, my family and I are considering making the Thane West area our new home. First things first, I had to find a place to live that was both affordable and close to my business. Getting this done was priority number one. The incident was the trigger that introduced me to the Lodha Amara.
Lodha Amara, with its one-of-a-kind facilities and architecture that takes cues from American design, is where I finally found the house of my dreams. I couldn’t ask for a better location to call home. The 1.20 crore rupees I spent on my complex allowed me to upgrade to a higher quality of living in several areas.

How I discovered the Lodha Amara Project?

My mom was not thrilled with the idea of us moving to Thane West. So, Mom reached out to all of her relatives and friends who already resided there to get their input on which neighbourhood would be best for us to call home. She made a ton of phone calls and sent a ton of emails until she located my aunt, who had relocated to the area with her children a few years previously. She said she was already living in Lodha Amara and would be a great place for us to settle down since it had all the conveniences and safety measures I wanted.

Lodha Amara Price and Amenities That I Adore 

You may live in Thane’s nicest, greenest, and wealthiest neighbourhood at Amara by Lodha. In the middle of Thane, on 40 acres of land. Lodha is known for its 40 acres of lush vegetation and over a thousand trees. Prices for this house range from 80 lakhs to 2.1 crore Indian rupees. Some of the amenities I found most intriguing are as follows:
  • To lessen your influence on the environment, you may collect rainwater and build a dump.
  • A beautiful public garden perfect for a brisk morning or evening walk. Bright, happy, and Vastu-compliant dwellings
  • The community centre, library, playground, fitness centre, and pool are all available to you and your loved ones so that you may meet your emotional, intellectual, and physical requirements via social interaction.
  • Indoor and outdoor jogging, walking paths, workout stations, a gym, and a Pilates studio.
  • The arena, party grounds, food court, miniature theatre, and gaming room at the clubhouse make hosting events a breeze.
  • Enjoy your stay to the fullest with the help of the resort’s life-designed pool, zen garden, nature trail, fruit garden, lovely garden, and herb & spice garden.
  • All children of all ages will enjoy the magnificent play area, and their parents will appreciate the round-the-clock supervision.

Three Reasons to Buy a Property at Lodha Amara

Location advantages 

This is a great option to consider if you want to settle down somewhere prestigious. The following are just a few of the many potential benefits I get access to because of this:
  • In less than ten minutes, you may walk four kilometres to the Khopat S.T. Terminus, Thane bus station, Highland park, etc.
  • Many medical facilities are within a range of 3–4 kilometres and no more than 5–6 minutes away, including Soham Hospital Dr Thakker SV, Aditi Hospital, Balaji Hospital, Currae Specialty Hospital, and Krishna Hospital.
  • Within 5-7 kilometres, you may find several movie theatres, including the Cinema star, Cinemax Wonderwall, Gold cinemas, SHA Clinical Nutrition, HAPPY CAREERS, etc.

Amenities I Love

The amenities in Lodha Amara Thane are a perfect example of contemporary, high-end design. There is a public amphitheatre in the community centre. There is a spa on-site in addition to a sauna and steam room. The extensive greenery creates allusions to a farm or a luxurious apartment.

Reputed Builder

When it opened its doors, Lodha Group quickly established itself as one of India’s premier luxury real estate development firms. It has left its imprint on all socioeconomic strata, solidifying its position as one of India’s leading and most successful real estate developers. In addition, it has provided its customers with the greatest possible living infrastructure thanks to its years of expertise in the industry and diverse clientele.
Buying a home in Thane has always been a dream of mine and I was lucky that NoBroker’s verified listings and information about the project helped me a lot. If you are actively searching for properties in Thane, it would be best if you checked NoBroker.in before visiting the project sites.
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Lodha Amara Review Since I have to move to the city for business, my family and I are considering making the Thane West area our new home.
Lodha Amara Review. Since I have to move to the city for business, my family and I are considering making the Thane West area our new home. Photo Credit -proptiger


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