Mount Babel Alberta Canada

Mount Babel is a 10,173 feet (3,101 m) mountain peak in the Ten Peaks in Alberta, Canada. As per peakery data, it ranks as the 140th highest mountain in Alberta and the 258th highest mountain in Canada. The adjacent peaks are Mount Fay, Mount Little, Mount Bowlen, Tower of Babel, Quadra Mountain, and Bident Mountain. Mt. Babel is one of the most popular mountains in the Valley of Ten Peaks that beautifully surrounds Moraine Lake in Banff National Park. The smaller and less known Consolation Lakes lie just behind Mt Babel.
The stunning lakes can only be reached by climbing across the rock slides that have tumbled down from towering Mt Babel. These images show the gorgeous beauty of autumn colors of the golden yellow larches on the rocky slopes of Mt Babel and some of them are very big rocks that lie just at the edge of the first Consolation Lake.
The dramatic Mount Babel rises vertically some 1000 meters above the Consolation Valley, and the mountain was the scene of one of the most dramatic rescues in the history of the National Park Warden Service. The route to Mount Babel is really an impressive rock route because it cannot be called a classic (having only been climbed twice) but it definitely offers a thrilling day’s climbing. It could be an astonishing effort for the time when it was first climbed. The majority of the route is now free, with a limited point of aid that keeps the grade reasonably sensible.
Therefore, the approach trail (Consolation Lake Trail) to the Tower of Babel is a commonly used trail among the tourists who are delivered in mass by bus to the Lake Moraine Lodge. One of the pictures shown below is actually stitched together from 15 separate images, as it is not possible to get this enormous mountain at such close range into a single shot even with a very wide-angle lens.
The image is taken by standing on a small island in the wide outlet channel from the lake. The gorgeous Mt. Babel can be reached depending upon your fitness level, as you’ve to walk from one rock to another to cross to the island. For the time being, if you look closely you may see a tiny companion sniffy stuck on top of a sharp and steep-sided boulder middle foreground just at the water’s edge. Mount Babel was first climbed by A Hart, Edward Oliver Wheeler, L. Wilson, and H. Worsfold in 1910.
Ten other mountain peaks nearby Mount Babel
  1. Mount Fay (3234 m)                     1.1 km
  2. Mount Little (3134 m)                    1.8 km
  3. Mount Bowlen (3206 m)                1.8 km
  4. Tower of Babel (2221 m)               2.1 km
  5. Quadra Mountain (3174 m)           2.2 km
  6. Mount Perren (3051 m)                 3.2 km
  7. Mount Allen (Canada) (3310 m)    4.3 km
  8. Mount Tuzo (3248 m)                    4.5 km
  9. Chimney Peak (3002 m)                4.8 km
  10. Mt Deltaform (3424 m)                  5.4 km
    Mount Babel is a 10,173 feet (3,101 m) mountain peak in the Ten Peaks in Alberta, Canada.
    Mount Babel is a 10,173 feet (3,101 m) mountain peak in the Ten Peaks in Alberta, Canada.
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