There’s a new beauty trend taking over Instagram and it’s absolutely spectacular & rocking. Yes, the upcoming fashion is called “quartz nails”. The trendy fashion is inspired by rose quartz, a mineral known to resonate out its love energy into its surrounding. The light pink nails will make your hands look super dreamy. They look so alike to the rose quartz mineral, it’s almost like you’re carrying around its good vibes everywhere you go.
Therefore, just without the added weight! Unluckily, they look way too hard to make at home so go book an appointment with the best nail technician you know! Here you can take a look at some of the dreamy designs below. Not to mention quartz nails are a lot less outlandish than some of the nail art trends out there right now, which means you can bring your mom/wife to the salon without her walking out horrified.
Quartz Nails
Quartz Nails
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9 10 1Source: Boredpanda


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